Arsenal stars take on Saracens!

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Three Saracens stars and three Arsenal stars get put to the test to see what hidden talents they have in each others sports!Follow World Rugby on social media:TWITTER.COM/RUGBYWORLDCUPFACEBOOK.COM/RUGBYWORLDCUPWWW.TWITTER.COM/WORLDRUGBYFACEBOOK.COM/WORLDUGBYINSTAGRAM.COM/WORLDRUGBY

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7th Degree Imperial Yo-Yo Master
0:11 good use of slow motion there!
Adebayo Akinfenwa
Please do more of these
Asian Boy
Great sport both so can we stop hating each other please 🙏🙏🙏
Ben Southall
Didn’t no Peter cechs whole family played for arsenal
Is it just me or does schezney sound english more english
Callum McGarry
Chucky boy Stanley
Who else came to the video to see the footballers get tackled and laid out?? \nVery Disappointed..
Costanza Morchio
I love this type of videos and I love Saracens even more!
David Smith
The challenges the Rugby people got are easier. Plus Rugby stars have most definitely played football before, but most footballers have never played rugby.
Dawn Norcup
Were are the english players ? Or dont arsnel have any ?
Totally stupid.
Dion Walsh
the football players are bigger than the rugby players!
Dr. Pelosi
Dylan Sawyer
We’ve found a flanker with a better boot than a full back
Ellshlog JR
Why did u put scrum caps on them ?
petr cech's evil clones
Faine Pearl
Anyone know what the name of the song is at 5:25? :)
press 4:27 to see Mertesacker giggling
Peter Crouch Steven N'Zonzi and Geoff Cameron... Awkward
Franco Díaz Werner
Con Alexis Sánchez para la próxima 
GV Games
Mertesacker would have been a brilliant lock.
George Firth
More football/rugby vids please!!
Glory Hunter
Why don't they meet some real rugby players (AllBlacks)
Harry Clarke
They wouldn't last two minutes against them
Hen Flem
Jack wilshere
Sczescny 3 at 3
Jake Marshall
Rugby is for the retards not good enough for football 
James Donlon
are they trying to be rugby players or petr cech
Jay N17
Jun Do
Kerry Mackay
Please take Per into the rugby world, lmao
Lakshmi G
Thank god for Ospina!
This must be before they had cech because he wasn't the goalie
Man like beef
Bored watching that video
Marko Gagic
Arsenal \u003c3 
Martha Debnam
support arsenal
Maryam Khalid
I don't like rugby.... I watch it but I don't like it... because they have very high shorts... AND I MEAN VERY HIGH! 😂
Mathew Koech
sczcesny looks like petr cech in that head gear
Mazin Weber
Giroud has great physique for rugby
Michael King
The footballers got the easy rugby challenges.
This is brilliant
Niko F.
it must be counter intuitive for them not to dive haha
Noah Tilton
Speaker is the same from the bundesliga channel
Arsenal Can't even play football Nevermind rugby
Next week: Santi Cazorla, Abou Diaby and Arsene Wenger test their tackling skills and take part in a scrum.
Payam Sabouhi
What is the name of tge song in 6-7min
Good sports!
Peter Mitchell
Just shows that as a sportsman, you can translate you skills to other sports.
PussyHunter720 PussyDestroyer666
Why is that polish guys englinsh so good
Ricardo Quaresma
everyone looks like petr cech lol
Rob Leckie
Good how footballers and rugby players swap sports
Ryan Bonner
Saarthak Monga
Hahahahaha i bet they would've told mertesacker's partner to not kick it far so he could catch it XD
Sam Battye
Scarasens suck
Sandev Jaswal
Football and Rugby? Just watch Arsenal vs Stoke lol
Sar B
luv arsenal and now we know meretsacker should be playing rugby
Steve Isling
6:59 And he was once our main keeper!!! smh
I loved this coyg
The Gaming Rugby Player
Two English clubs but only one English person???
Tom Barnes
all these foreign players speak such good english...
Tommy Vercetti
Did david say he had trials for everton
Tongankakarot 66
Nice tattoo Olivier .
Breathe, Kelly Brown, breathe!
Vigilant Citizen
I'm sure the Stoke players would be good at this!
Warren Petrie
I love Saracens and arsenal they are my favourite sporting teams cause I play rugby
William Dennison
It is all even until the football players have to get hit and the rolling, whining, and crying does not stop play and award them a penalty. LOL
William McStruthers
Yusuf Mandailing
Nice video, Mertesacker really fits to be a flanker in terms of his height.
Zaine Thompson
Giroud is soo funny
haha too awesome! Mertsacker would make a good fullback lol
The moment when Per Mertesacker is 5x better than you at keepy-uppys
arsenal vlogger
The Arsenal players were so impressed they hired the Saracens players to clean their boots for a week, trebling their annual wages.
imadad bestjobintheworld
Nice 👍
krialaison 01
just bought that fleece schezny is wearing, cant wait
I think it's great that nobody here is doing that \