Sophie Turner Spits Pure Eminem Fire #LateLateLondon

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James asks Sophie Turner about her love for Eminem's music and Sophie proves her fandom with some spot on bars of "The Real Slim Shady."More Late Late Show:Subscribe: ---Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

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Chris Pratt has already done the best celeb cover of Eminem but Sophie is a close second!
A Lannister pays his debts
Awww Jon Snow's future wife!
Aaron Fitzgerald
that was horrible she's cute though
My new crush
Alana Jameson
That was so bad
Athletic Auba
Augusto Loyola
Joe Jonas is the luckiest man in the world
Azael VI
Bad Boy
*1:28** That \
Bahar Thapa
Brent Dreher
I just fell in love with her again
British people love Eminem
Captain Jack Sparrow
Game of Thrones: what a show!
Carla Baltazar
didn't think it was possible for her to get any cooler, I stand corrected.
David Cahill
My God she is so HOTTT
David Cavill
nothing but respect to my rapper Sansa
Deadpool !
How is she so attractive 😍😍
Diego R.
She’s such a lovely girl
RIP to X\n\nPS This kinda cringe, stop playing with Eminem's name (Pure Eminem Fire = pure clickbait), he's on a different level!!!!!!
i would invite her to my bed, just so she could sing Em songs for me.
Eduardo Perez
Erland Mucha
Eminem best
Fahad Nazir
*I'm here too early, there aren't any interesting comments yet*
Cringe I can do that too, probably one of te most well known Eminem verses, behind Lose Yourself verse 1
Gabe Shakour
Ah but Sophie! One of the main points of that song is that you SHOULD have been able to say that word...
Gabriel Echeverria
Im hear just to see Dave exist in our same planet.
Hammad Alikhan
Yes ! Carpool with Eminem!
Jo Castillo
She’s so hot
Josiah Ward
Julia Ziętek
Julio García
I love her. So beautiful her face!
Eminem carpool karaoke
Karis Quartz
I absolutely love Sophie! This was great!!
Kent Nebreja
Sophie you should try spill or fill your guts with Corden 😂
I can see why joe has put a ring on it
Lee Xiong
She’s hot
Luke Times
My wife Sophie is always looking good
M Seedat
Was not expecting that...hate her in GOT but she's cute lol
M.L. Soll
Why is she with that bland Joe Jonas thats the real question
Mai Ho
Gawd how gorge is Sophie!
Majed Eid
Alright Sophie .. now I really like you
Manos Fuzzman
Grohl: wtf am I doing here..
Manu Gulati
I’m in love 😍
Sshe should have written a diss track to Joffrey
Max Rowlatt
Dave Grohl sat there like wtf is this
Mohamed Hamid
I didn't think she could possibly get any hotter ... But daaaaaaaaaaaamn
Mohamed Mubarak
She just got a million times hotter.
Nikhil Kumar Ramreddy
Oliver White
Peeyush .Singh
Better than MGK.
Pyluk Lockyer
Sansa You Rock. Wolf gal!!!
the north remmbers... lyrics! 😂
God she’s beautiful jonas must be enjoying his life
Ray Vaughan
Winter can come all it wants she'd melt those ice bastards with a wink in those boots 😙😗😚😘😍
Sagnik Paul
If that is fire then what does eminem spit out?
This is the whitest thing iv'e seen all day
Scarlet Betancourt
I love her
So..y'all think this was good rapping? Ok...
Sla V
And expect them not to know what a women’s clitoris is 🤷\u200d♂️
Now I like her more
Sofia Xx
this made me want to listen to the real slim shady song like again ! ! !
Sonia O'Reilly
i mean that's great but couldn't the band give her a beat lol
I’m even more attracted to her now than before lmao 😂
Tania Sierra
A carpool karaoke with Em, I'd DIE
Terry Beveridge
As if she wasn't hot enough already!....I'm from the D and a massive Em fan......well done!
She's GOT mad skills. Funny she wouldn't finish the verse because of the \
The Man
Spitting FIREEEE !!! Sophie & Eminem Meet & Greet? Make it happen James! Also Stay staying Fresh & Fly man ;)
The big bad wolf
Sophie turner where have you been all my life❤️
Thom Yorke
She's hot AF
Unstopable 8790
I cringed so hard I think I almost had a concussion
Usha Shrestha
Sophie Turner turning Up! 😁
Dave grohl like wtf is this
Watching The Bees
I love borh Dave and Sophie
Wayne Beauford
white actors and actresses always spitting eminem smh
Cringey af
brandon ayong
Now i wanna see her do an eminem covers album , HAS TO HAPPEN
danny tran
Pure wifey !
dj williams
Omg did she just get hotter? 🤔 I think so. 😍
dunno m
Can the real slim shady please stand up
she’s so cute
A Stark spitting pure fire... weird.
ezra k
No wonder she got raped on got
gigi stoner
I just got wet, and I'm a straight woman.
jaap ten dijk
Never heard about her but this attracted me to her. Got to love the fact she stood up at the end
jose outsider
someone please stop with the 'hot white chick covers raps songs on youtube' trend PLEASE
*raps right next to a rock/grunge legend*
Love how people who don't know her underestimate how cool she is then get blown away
nobody survives even one bit
sophie is pretty.
What happens if in a parallel universe sansa stark had access to rap music 😂\n(also sophie did great!)
queenindanorth x
Nothing but respect and love for my Queen in the North! ❤
sascha b
now i like her even more xD
sebastian alegria
I love her, she's so cute and honestly I didn't know her talent for singing an Eminem song, good for Sophie
smith frank
She just gained a fan! Fire
william coe
That was awesome\nDave was sitting there thinking wtf
yaman saka
That is what a STARK raps like
She’s sexy