Joe Jonas reveals what fiance Sophie Turner wont share

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Joe Jonas reveals to TODAY that he's asked his band to perform on The Voice and explains why his fiancee Sophie Turner won't share.Get more TODAY:

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Ally Alam
My sister says she doesn't like jophie she says :that's a weird name and they don't match I mean she's so tall and he's. ..... let's not talk about it she say jemi is the best no matter what she wishes that joe should not marry Sophie\nIN FACT I HATE JOPHIE I LOVE JEMI
Avolt Burst
1st lol
Joy Inwood
why wouldnt you marry demi lovato
let's say he was my fave back in the day and now that im a bit grown I can see why... look at that face, those eyebrows, wow
Selina B.
Was this Darren Criss in this picture???😍
ShipSailed7 !
Wow she is way taller than him
Did he call DNCE,dance?
gl gabs
4:15 ~ about the fiance thingy
lala poo
0,21 what song
literally the hottest couple