Jennifer Lopez - Live It Up ft. Pitbull

Official video for Jennifer Lopez - "Live It Up" (feat. Pitbull)Buy 'Live It Up" on iTunes: Music video by Jennifer Lopez performing Live It Up. © 2013 Capitol Records

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Abhishek Ghosh
Those songs on floor live it up dj got us fall in love again smack that dance again golden eras....old is gold
Abigail Vomelmo
Wish you didn't give your body up like you have & still do. 😢
Adolfo Díaz
Congratulations para Jenni y Pitbull, que ambos son muy queridos en mi tierra que es España, y por supuesto Galicia. Chapó para los dos. Fito.
Agustina Silveira
love you❤❤❤❤❤
Akash Anil
Who else came here from the Fifa World Cup 2018 official song 😉
Alejandro Hens
Pitbull say \
Alexander Laskar
This is better than the nickyjam’s song
Alexandra Hernandez
This is my favorite song ever i love it 😍😍😍
Alicia Marie
Alison Gigi
she can be a supermodel......
Alvarito Ochando
Jenifer + Pitbull=BOMBAZO ASEGURADO!!!
Antonio Fombuena Vidal
Que pedazo de artista \
Aydın Bakır
Bay Mühendis
1:39 wiiiiihiiiiiuuuwww 😂😂 2017?
Cervero 666
0:55 jajajajajajajjajaajjajajaa xD
Cinare Bayramova
September 2018?😉💟👍
Cordoba Kevim
2018 ❤
Pitbull has got to be one of the most overrated, over-rused singers in history.
Daisy Orenday
I think JLO is HOTTER then KIM K💁🏽
Daniel Ramos
best song, so many memories ❤️
Daniela Martín
2018 ? So beautiful Jennifer López i love and like vídeo 😍😍😍😍 and very beautiful París France
Dimitrios Filothodoros
Dina wiliam
Mila coco👌👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😋✌
Ehsan Babu
Much better than 2018 world cup song! Live it up .
Elzie Swin
i like song
Fun PlayZ
This is better fifa world cup 2018 Live it up
Gabriel Sotelo
Who 2018?
Jennifer López is soooooooo perfect!!!! Love you Jenny you know from the block jaja i look your videos all days your my inspiration!!!
Gustavo Pereira
Tiene el mismo título que la canción oficial del mundial 2018 😂😂😂😂
Islay Thegame
This song is better than the World Cup 2018 song.
Ivette Ortiz
Love all her music! Nice dance beat!
Jacqueline Rodriguez
La Renia aqui esta Jennifer Lopez que Pena me da con los que se quieran tapar el cielo con la mamo no hay liga y Jennifer no Tienes que poner sus fans amemdigar por 👍 para llegar al millon pot que real mente hay talento de mas.🎤🎶💖💖💖💖💖👏⭐
Jeffrey Sampson
My woman is a lot hotter than jlo
Jesus Vieira
Jonh Smith
sorry, was looking for wc song and I accidental clicked on this one
Josphine Padiyachi
Jenifer and Pitbull song I love it all their songs a so great that can’t stop lessoning and I thing u guys agree two as they make very good songs and they a very great singers
José Manuel de la Cruz Flores
Me encanta la canción de mi Jennifer Lopez y Pitbul mis Artistas Favoritos.
João Vitor
Jennifer rainha ❤ amo essa mulher
Kapil Arora
Love you 💟😍
april 2018???'
M Moore
I miss the electro pop 2008 - 2014
make love, dont fight! :D
Maria Smpaniou
Mateus Forte
This video would fit perfectly for tens lol
Mee Zlim
Mirjam Parviainen
we love this
Myo Nyuki
Merde alors je comprend le début, ah oui je suis française :')
Neja Rzen
You are very cool
Nguyễn Thông
start world cup 2018!\nI am vietnamese !!!
Olga Branham
Omar Baidawi
takes me back to 2013.. love it ❤❤
Oussama Maza
I'm almost starting to think pitbull's first name is \
Rebecca Clori
october 2017?
Did pittbul said \
Ronaldo dos santos
Heute hat Jennifer Lopez ein concert um 15:30 bis 17:00 Uhr
Rozálie kulovaná
That woman, the more she grows up, the more beautiful she gets..!
STeven Axel
Jennifer Lopez j'adore t'es sons
Shawn Ramanovv
Im still playing this song
SupremPixel3dgamer Ayal
Jennifer Lopez+Pit bull=Best Team for ever
Team Kill
Who's watchin' this on september 2017?
Tomasz Bich
j-lo is the sexiest girl for boys
Vanessa and Skyla
*I miss this so much*
Latem tak mnie ta nuta poniosła, że miałem przy niej wypadek - dachowanie!!! Nigty tego nie zapomnę ;D
Wojciech Kumor
Patyczek ma w buzi xd
XX Sunny Leone Free Videos
Xatuna Paikidze
I love you 😍😘
Xavier Carvajal
2k18 anyone!? 😍😍😍
Zakiguedioura Zakiguedioura
2018 💪💖💞😘 jlo
aissou soso
I love you jennefer lopez
athena ladyspears
me encantan los videos de jennifer lopez que se vea el dinero que si se vea una artista chingona por eso cuando hay premios todos se ponen de pie al ver a esta diosa
barry allen
bruce haste
shkira y JLO  deverian hacer un dueto, seria fantastico
eid alhadhoud
Pause at 4:22 ladies and gentlemen that is the most beautiful women on earth.
episode uploads
Am I the only one that loves the kisses and champagne pop part
james bird
This song deserves more likes and views😍😍😍😘🎉
john doe ASMR
0:20 0:27 0:32 0:34 four product placements in 14 seconds 🙌
jose loasiga
beautiful women queen JLO love you
kadi zee
Omg August anyone here 25th-8-2018 😎😎😁😁😍😍👌👌
kaly Q.
when i saw the thumbnail for this video, the first thing i thought was: was she giving a blowjob to a Minion?
karla Villalobos
Y el anillo pa cuando?😬
marija djurovic
Best song ever!!!
mary mar perez
Love jennifer lopez
Paris🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 je t'aime 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
rousse rouss
Podrán venir muchas Shakiras, Lady Gaga etc, pero lo sexy y el glamour de esta mujer no lo tendrán jamas, toda una dama de verdadera sangre y raza Latinoamericana!!!
sajith medipalli
One of the best intro rap to any song 😍
soni sahni
Nice song
vladimir knezevic
love song
i saw this on a matthew espinosa edit XD i only like the \
}{ Saha nd }{
just realized : make love don’t fight let’s hook tonight “hostile counter uav inbound” bo3”😑
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