Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Live 2018 [Full Set] [Live Performance] [Concert] [Complete Show]

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Setlist.Y ControlBlack TongueDown BoyRunawayPinGold LionZeroSacrilegeSoft ShockMapsCheated HeartsHeads Will RollEncore:Date With the Night

This Lady is Awesome!
Aaron Espinosa
Amazing band! Pure energy!
Alayto •
Maps my favorite
Andrés Ramos
Setlist con tiempos:\n00:00 Y Control\n04:30 Black Tongue\n08:15 Down Boy\n12:45 Runaway\n19:05 Pin\n22:05 Gold Lion\n26:15 Zero (con intro largo) 28:45 (sin el intro)\n33:00 Sacrilege\n37:50 Soft Shock (❤️)\n41:45 Maps (con intro largo) 45:00 (sin el intro)\n48:30 Cheated Hearts\n57:00 Heads Will Roll\n1:04:00 Date With The Night
22:03 that drum groove with the looped feedback in the background... that should have been a song in itself
Bad Bitch
Eres grande Karen O, sigan rockeando putas.
Cayent 333
Increíble Brian!\n Es un excelente baterista y además toca con tanta emoción que contagia.\nNo hay como trabajar de lo que amas.
Cesar Nesta
exelente ¡¡de lo mejor yeah yeah yeahs¡¡¡¡
David DiCicco
Pro tip - maps starts just before 45 mins
Elder Velazquez
donde fue el concierto? / Where was this concert?
Francisco Sanchez
Francisco Tijerina
Karen O y los YYYs son parte de mi Soundtrack de vida y de corazón amo profundamente a Karen O, su voz me ha sacado de las depresiones mas mierdas en mi vida.\n\n¡Desde México los espero de nuevo!
Hamilton F
Gracias por tu aporte amigo.. genial
Surely, I can't be the only one who views YYYs as kind of a comedy act. K.O.'s singing style is deliberately eccentric in ways that are rather comedic. Plus her lyrics are often goofy word-play. YYYs: entertaining, and funny ha-ha.
Jasmine Christensen
Still sound and look exactly the same as they did nine years ago ☺️
Jeffrey D
She reminds me so much of Chrissie Hynde. Absolutely brilliant. Hopefully her career continues and thrives as Chrissie's did (does).
the saddest thing of my life is that I've never seen them live and I'll probably never will. : (
Marcelo C. Cotrim
she still got it
Martín Yáñez
no sé pero siento mejoria en su show
Monserrath Lana love
omi gad
Love the version of Gold Lion. I remember first seeing the YYYs clip for this track on a TV show here in Australia called Rage & being mesmerised..& thinking, who IS this woman? Love the audience response & the joyful energy of Karen O as they perform this, & as usual, the guys ROCK. Also love their settles, it includes all their best.
Muhamad Sofyan
really great
Paulo Brb
great parabens
Renzo Wavves
Ya esta vieja karen , en pin canto cualquier cosa
Rick Therrien
That song Soft Shock is great stuff 👍👍🤟🤟 thank you Yeah Yeah Yeahs for years of awesome music.\nAnd thank you Karen O for being so wicked.
Ricky Park
Tara Cuff
So stoked to see them at Ohana Fest in October!!!
Thekingkiller CSGO gaming
I was there, and I’m not gonna forget that day.
Victor Hernan Erte Herte
Bueno 😎🙌
Where was this?
Vladimiro Roselli
pubblicita' dopo 50 secondi,ma andate a fanculo!!
Yimmi Jaime
Alguien sabe cuándo vienen a México
arief rahmanto
i love these guys.
calvin higgins
Long live Rock-N-Roll
cap pelis
Like 2018💪😍
north hedgehog
Love \nFrom Japan
20:09 Mary Catherine Gallagher sighting! SUPERSTAR!\nKaren O is so cool she could bring back the fanny pack
มนตรี ชมภู
loved karen smile
한국 함 오자 누나♥ 캐런 오♥