Railway Relay Part 12

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Go mixed by SalomonOfficial playlist:

Bergen Bergensbanen DJ Landscape Minimal Mix Oslo Scenery Soundtrack Techno VJ

@Nikkocellula No the videos are named correctly. Part 13 is a speed run through the entire 7.5 hours starting from Bergen. The actual trip ends here in part 12.
GO mixed by Salomon. Style: Tech&Dub&TechHouse. 00:00:20 Rhythm and Sound - Let We Go (Ricardo Villalobos Remix), 00:59 Anja Schneider - Get Away (Christian Burkhardt Remix), 00:03:45 The Black Dog - Northern Electronic Soud, 00:04:56 Den - Basement (Sarah Goldfarb Remix), 00:09:20 Kate Simko - She Said, 00:11:49 Audion- T.B (****), 00:13:20 Shackleton - Death Is Not Final, 00:14:49  Brendon Moeler - Dynamo, 00:18:02 Estroe - Driven (Jamie Jones Remix) , 00:21:08 The Field - Silent, 00:25:58 Ellen Alien - Out, 00:27:00 Oslo. Fin de la Journee.
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Hi, didnt know you did these kind of vids too.....nice idea mate, some good tracks!
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