Kikky Badass - Boyz Dze Tonaz (Official Video)

Boys dzetonaz from Kikky Badass Album: "QUEEN OF THE SOUTH"

(Official African Afro Badass Beat Boyz Dze Hip-Hop JungleEnt Kikky Pop Tonaz Video) World

AL-Marie Iris Hall
I featured!!! Yassss
Amara Dumbuya
I am from Sierra Leone I like Zimbabwe rap, this girl us killing it
Ashley skye
Chief J kudiiko song yese here nhai ...makashaya henyu apa Kikky was bttr tho
Bae Lisa the dancer
Zimbabwe hucci
Bevean Mupezuweni
Ko Jnr Brown haapo
Blessing T Madondo
Nice works
Brian Willis
ahhhhh ko jbreezy haana kubuda? dope vid tho, i like it!
Bx Jaguar
this real could have made a good high school track for Africa day afternoon performance without J Brown and Kikky
Cani Mannah
I love this so much I can't stop listening 😭🔥🔥
Charamba Chris
Cheryl Nkosi
This girl is gorgeous wow
Cynthia M
Ayyyy this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
DC Mak
Its catchy hot!!! Best parts of the song for me were the hook and the second verse...
Daniel Chanakira
Generally a nice track. I think it was let down by the 2 weak verses from the 4 . . . . I wont say whose - should be obvious.
Daphne Nhando
Here for Kikkys verse🔥🔥🔥🔥
Decimal Lee
Denelsen Dandi
kikky and jnr brown was going to be a fine hit
Dizzy Dee
Major moves Belle 👌🏽🔥🔥🔥
El_ Levi
fire emojis Breezy and Kikky nailed it zvakanyanya kudarika vamwe tho
Frank Samaz
Bhora mberi boys dze tonaz keep up the good work and kinky manya nechimuti
💯🔥🔥🔥zim hip hop is the future
Mmm j Brown haazi bho 🙉
Immaculate Thandiwe Rutendo
this is a nice track 🔥🔥where can I get it.... #supportyourown
Internet Thug
Ndiro duzvi ka iri
Internet_ boi
Dope Visuals
Isabel Mpandawana
queen of south fo sho
Jake Billz
so u didn't ve an appearance fee for Jnr Brown lol...its the music business
Jerry Gwaringesu
Sick number 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Keith Kum
naw u not kikky gal u JNR Nikky\n #kip it op\n#luv this vid
Kinsley Kajiva
This is dope esp the hook and 1st verse
Kuda Takawira
this is dope af #Hereforthis
Kudakwashe Kazingizi
hahahahahaha tsvina idzi
Louis Makumbe
Ma bad mind they lead the youths astray they preach false gospel blood cluts they preach about having sex and taking narcotic drugs.
Melford Cummingz
ini ndiri wetonaz kkkk nyc tune
Miss Guts
Kikky you the baddest
Mob Ent
chief J varikunakidzwa lol
Moigar J
this song makes me wanna adopt my own child. makaipa
Mumhanzi Media
fly visuals
Munashe Nicholas Benyure
wakapenga babie
nyc one
Natasha Tee Soko
🔥🔥🔥\nCould y’all go any harder 😭👌🏾
NeshDaBluewhale 263
Mashark ere ayo 2:41
Nicole Roz
Nigel Samuriwo
why not just call the song Chief J 😂😂🙌
Nyasha Grace Mudoti
ehhh she .#,boiz dzetonaz
Obedience Moyo
the beat is fire tho...shout ou 2 the producer..
Dope visuals!!!
Priviladge kanjanda
Ichi chakanyanya icha , best verse from Kikky ✌
Ray Vines
kiki anegaro mana mmmm
Robin Chitsato
Fire 🔥🔥🔥 new hiphop movement
Robson Mapfuyanzara
Kikky murdered jnr brown lol
Rugare Mutasa
good talent, good beat but all combined not very good recipe, maybe it might take some time to like it, i hope people like for the sake of the artists, but this for me ain't its just not there, but i will look out to see if they have something much better
Salem Bhebhe
dope visuals but creativity on lyrics. Zero
Sibongie Ncube
jnr brown and kiki...zvinhu
Simba Tacker
Matuzvi aya guys lol wtf but I like Kikky tho #boyzdzeroots
Simbarashe Mahachi
jr brown saved this track......the other 2 middle verses were whack....kikky is fire though
Simbarashe Moyo
dope...... Jbreezy
T Zvipindu
The first verse from the chick and the last one from JB are straight fire, shame the other 2 ruined this track.
Represent !
Tanyaradzwa Bonga
No hip hop pasina kikiy\n\n\n\n\nKiky hucci
Tatenda Masara
Kkkkk mfana svakai mabasa mabottles amakabata ayo ahanachinhu futi..
Tawanda Chinyani
Ukaramba uchingoimba kuti chief j song yese zvozonakidza here,this is a song not an advert
Terrance Maulana
The verses & the visuals A'igHt...but the chorus arrrrggghhhh....othrwse DOPE!
The Undefeated
The lady was way better alone without those guys singing the verse, they fucked up the song.
Thubajvc Ncube
Junior Brown took this song from pathetic to Mediocre. He carried the whole thing on his shoulders, guys tsvagai mabasa!
Traditional & Organic Food & Seed Festival Zimbabwe
On point son
Trevor Tinashe Ntungakwa
Last rapper uyo🔥🔥🔥
Weddington jnr
should have skipped some dudes with the lame bars .....kikki nailed it though kuddos !!!!!
White chynna
This chick is mad talented wish she can get more recognised internationally ❤️
William Mchizambande
shuwa zim hip hop needs to figure out how to feed themselves. This level of D*** riding is not attractive at all.
Wishes Sadziwa
Written By Mcpotar
Yeukai simon
Kikky’s Verse ☺️🤗😘 chakaipa
adorn FLEXY kay the dj
Zimhip hop zvinhu
bee gee
This one is a clout chaser 😂😂😂 chief j chief j !!! Cant take u serious if u always name hoping for relevance nxa ma2zvi
christy paraiwa
Kikky has a nice body 👌👌👌👌🙆🙌🙌🙌🙌
shuver !!!!! haasi bho
frankmulageez8 fmg
Gud wek guys.....this one z 4 the books\n#neva in the gym buh i oways flex🔥
gerald magumura
this is a good track well done. Good visuals. however if it was up to me would join Kikky's verse straight to Jnr Browns verse.kikky your verse was good but you kept on repeating the name Chief Jay and I personally think you over mentioned him in your verse otherwise you had good bars. Junior Brown, killed his verse I shall not add or subtract.. so well done Kikky and Junior Brown vamwe avo 2 avo hmmm itwai kumba kwenyu infact mubva magara ikoko muchiimbira ikoko pano musadzoke henyu. ndapota
Dam she fine as f I would eat her for breakfast and dinner
kudzanai pickie
Jnr brown moto 😈
kumbimwadiwa kemy
Good one kikky
kura chingono
Jnr brown bodied people on dat joint
malvin zungu
every thing junior brown touches turns to Gold
michelle chingwaru
Yes kikky yeeeeeees 😍
milton kudzanai chinyanga
j brown. kikky. rasquesity on the camera and then its a rap
nanae Nyk
this song don't make sense
napstar da ghettokid
Ndaona Ginimbi
nyasha muvaki
Wow good song🔥. Moves are being made in Zim
nyasha yaya
this is really good.keep it up kikky..i cnt stop listening to this song .😍
philip philips [official]
fck haters badass zi gee
sam zimuto
Geez that’s a vibe king 🤴🏾 j breezy dammet!!!
tartan deck
Mese Makapenga musanyeberwe
the one
this track should have just featured J brown. Those other two boys just let the track down! Kiki I haven't really heard your music but you were fire on this so well done, but those two middle verses haa weak stuff nothing personal! Who is this chif J character?
victor shamuyarira
kikky saved the song mfanha uyo anotorwara
yvonne machoko
Şuavə Muliğñænę
The song is dope and ndozvatikutarisirawo from zim hip hop ....jay brown n kikky moto