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Woos Whoopee (sometimes referred to as Felix The Cat in Woos Whoopee or Felix Woos Whoopee) is a surreal, animated Felix the Cat short subject produced by Otto Messmer and Pat Sullivan.Felix is up all night at the Whoopee Club, having a hell of a time, overindulging himself with drink, and dancing about with another inebriated friend. Meanwhile, at home, his angry wife Kitty is pacing up and down in front of the clock, which reads 3 a.m. Finally leaving the nightclub, Felix drunkenly tries to make his way home without Kitty finding out. He encounters scary apparitions- weird monsters and other vivid figments of his imagination- on his way home. Finally, Felix sneaks home and into bed, but he continues to fight his monsters, only to find that he is fighting his pillow in the midst of a nightmare.Watch Full Playlists Here:▶️ Looney Tunes -

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