Naruto Ep 311 English Dubbed

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Naruto Ep 311 English DubbedNaruto 311Naruto Episode 311Naruto 311 English DubbedNaruto Episode 311 English DubNaruto Ep 311 English DubbedNaruto 311 English DubNaruto Ep 311 English DubNaruto Episode 311 English Dubbed

Anime Naruto ... Naruto 311 English Dub Naruto Ep 311 Naruto Ep 311 English Dubbed Naruto Episode 311 naruto naruto english naruto full yt:stretch=16:9

Aman Raj
Naruto is so funny
Andoid way
Friends is most beautiful relationship in world hangout with them precious moment with them that never come back i love this episode of naruto ...He is happy that his friend with them
Apurv Chaturvedi
Yes Naruto. Peep in. Make Jiraiya/Ero Senin PROUD. 😭
Arima Kousei
If your lonely, use shadow clone
Arun Manoharan
Well tats me lonely
Boruto Uzumaki
8:22 What About The Men Watching??? *Insert Lenny Face*\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nEp 465
Brian Sanchez
Why did shakimaro cough when choji brought up dinner
BrotherGamers .Dk
wait is that Naruto cards? XD 20:56
Cairah Luminog
Oh sakura don't be so salty hehe😂😂😂
Carlinhos Jr
9:57 ashushua
Does anybody know whats the name of the soundtrack at 19:50 :)
I just realized how many boys there was and little girls
Dae Gaillard
11:24 that ass
Dennis The Actually accurate But not accurate guy
This isnt an episode its a part of a movie i think.
Dianne Aeriel Abad
Thinking about sasuke in the men’s bathhouse. Hahahaha
Drishti Sanger
Sometimes I hate Sakura
Esraa San
Oh naruto😂😂😂😂😂
Hirish Khinda
i saw narutos but
Indah Novita
Awww poor naruto :(
Izzie Ingersoll
Lee at 17:28 just kills me
Jhay Sunga
actually this is the only filler i didnt skip
Kate Kon
Neji's actually really cool lol
LakshMila Uchiha
Rock Lee is sweetiest of all the boy😍😍😍 I love him😍😍😍
Madiou Taka
Lee et gai
Maritia Pollard
That was... Interesting
Mr. Jukebox
Nagatø Sayahara
So that's what really happens😂😂
NaruHina MayWard
Love this episode😂😂👏
Naruto Hyuga
15:23 inos face
One Geek Vs All Mainstream
Innocent Girls like Hinata xD \nThey make men happy xD
Ren YT
R.I.P sakura
Rob Pabello V1
18:41 to 20:12 was so heart warming
I love it when girls are titbullying each other :DDD
Shadow The Wolf Therian
19:23\nWhy must you be so CUTE!!!!
Udit Hegde
This episode is sooo funny
Unidentified Dude
13:24 That face tho 😝😝😝😝😝😝
alex hylton
Sakura, Sasuke don't want any lazy gyal. Can't do nothing around the house. She's useless as a ninja and as a woman.
heaven knows
love this episode😊😅❤
xozen army
Sakura father hair is like star🤣🤣💥....