Yello - I Love You

Music video by Yello performing I Love You. (C) 1983 Yello, under exclusive license to Polydor/Island, a division of Universal Music GmbH

Love Polydor Pop Yello You

Academics At Work Jax
Hate the video love the song
Adam B
2:21  another man is kissing the girl
Aldo Larios
The best song
Amin Ashrafi
tune :)
Blue Eyes Willy
that's good
Years ahead of the competition. \nNo. I am of course lying.\n\nLIGHT YEARS ahead of the competition!!
Chris Humphries
the best pscyedelic music by far . quality
David Klein
When I first saw this video i laughed my ass offfffff it's werld and funny definitely a classic 😁
Emmanouil Lydakis
This could easily been on Vice City or Liberty City Stories games
Wonderful girl! Who knows her name?
Frank Watkins
This song brings back soooo many memories from 1984
Gary Patterson
Dieter Meyer and Boris Blank are always great
The other guy who look like the late Stan Lee is not in this video.
Guybrush Threepwood
Ripping acid
Henrik Bartelds
Great song, one of my favourites.
Hugh K. Ayers
Which would you choose \
Jackson's 45's
From 1983. Peaked at No. 103 on the U.S. Billboard Bubbling Under the Hot 100 Charts. Pretty big hit on U.S. Dance Charts however.
John Brophy
Love this first version!
John Meowzer
Ha love it! - reminds me of Sparks.
Mac Mantis
Boris!!! applause!
Grande ! Carlos Perón..❤
Paúl Castillo León
Yello en Vevo Fantástico!!!
This feels very unsettling.
That one little bit reminds me of King Crimson.
Shiny 75 IcePopVocal
This video is more like an unsettled relationship with 2 couples loving each other and having a fun night out at some random night club dancing with each other and driving around the city to find some hotel to stay at
Sven Jansen
Too good to have millions of views.
The Dreadful Mortal Records
Really like this :)
Tomas C K
YELLOs early stuff was more direct and to the point, i feel now a days it gets lost in genius sound carpets that actually are in the way from the song
Vitalijs Neudahins
Happy birthday, mr. Blank!
Zadig The Jasp
Masterpiece of the 80s !
americo tomaz
Απαράδεκτοι !
When he was dancing with that chair to his ass..... Man that was superfunny and cool. That would be someting i'd do. LOOOOOL
euro missiles
nice alfa romeo
l baezaq
Han Solo's fav song
manuel fernandez
(110.629 vis.)
Like a love, sex, relationship.. :)
This makes me wanna go to a trendy gay club, dance til I drop and sniff poppers til my head explodes! :D
You're gonna get me a heart it.
Аватария с Котёнком
Прикольно :з
Алекс Пой
I'd prefer another (minimalistic) version, where vocals don't dominate and keyboards lead instead of the masculine yell \
Зоран Бугарчич
Ekxtra Super.\nTenks.
игорь бабаев
2018 - Russia is listening
саша хр
ну и дерьмо