Peter Gabriel...The Carpet Crawlers.

Peter Gabriel the Genious of Genesis performing my favourite track 'The Carpet Crawlers.'

Gabriel Genesis Peter Prog Rock The carpet crawlers.

dopo quaranta anni mi emoziona sempre come la prima volta..
Abdesselam Bendjelti
chef d oeuvre de genesis 1974 meilleur album du groupe la voix de peter gabriel est sublime
Ambrogio Mainero
quanti giri sul giradischi prima, su nastro poi, su cd più tardi ancora e su disco fisso o penna usb infine... per ora! bellissimo!
Bill Wallace
carpet crawlers is spiritual. it creates a wondrous feeling in mind and spirit.
C Schwebs
the words are easier to understand with Gabriel singing them...
Carlo Di Cintio
Che meraviglioso gruppo che grande musica, la ricorderò fin ché campo...D'accordissimo con Jose Adolfo
Chloe Delores
peter Gabriel was Genesis...his stage presence was majestic.   X :)
Dale Baker
I am such a massive fan of early Genesis, anything Gabriel, is loved by me! This song, is so outstanding! And remember, \
Damian La quay
all the rap crap rejects need to listen to this. it's called music, but they wouldn't know what music is!!🤢
Debbie Benayon
I lost myself to this gentleman, Sir Peter Gabriel in 1977 when I heard first this song.
Dino Camella
Love this song
Hearing Peter and Phil sing together. This song always takes me away.
Earl Brackett
I think GENESIS is the proper artist for this should properly title that fact plz. great pics.
Ettore Ferullo
Il ricordo di un tempo eroico e una infinita nostalgia dilagano all'impatto con il magnetico Gabriel ed i suoi genesis.
Peter Gabriel...The Carpet Crawlers.
François Thouvenin
Genesis was the best group you could dream of, before and after Gabriel's departure.
Gonzalo revje
Peter Gabriel , genius ,, genio ,, gracias por esta musica
Greg Fox
the slow build is what I like best about this piece.
Hari Ribowo
you gotta get in to get out
Ilan Justh
I saw Peter in solo concert. He is singing about the light that is inside each of us. The light that is inside YOU. Unknown to the crowd is the fact that he is holding a mirror in his hand and he is starting on an incredibly bright light shining up in the floor aimed up. He suddenly turned the mirror and the light reflects up of the ground into the audience and I was square in the beam. It was a physical impact that took my breathe away. WHAT A SHOWMAN
Ivan Melo Campos
Peter Gabriel era realmente um gênio para o Genesis!
Jade Shannon
This is 1 of the best songs I've heard in many years.Genesis were 1 of the best bands that I think came out of the UK and I would love to see them again some time.I don't know when though.Carpet crawlers is such a great song,I'll never forget it.
Jasmen coelho
Any young adults have a love for this man like I do??? :D I'm 19 and fell in love with him when my music instructor introduced me to his music my freshmen year high school. So glad I got to see him and sting last year in Colorado \u003c3
Jean-Claude Tissot
One my favorite song and the best Genesis album.
Jeff Clark
This is only one of the GREATEST GENESIS songs of ALL time ! ONE of them !!! Case closed .
Jet Star
Incredibly magical
Johan Witvoet
A master piece of music
Magic in the air with Pete......Where are ours 70's ? Music was so good and brilliant.
Jose Adolfo
que maravilloso grupo que gran música hicieron, siempre la recordaré
José Figueiredo
One of the best!
José Luis Alves de Lima
The best music of Genesis Band, my band forever
Lady BlackstarDust
The Best Album Ever made.  A magnificent song.
Lars Roumen
One of the most beautiful pieces of art I've heard in my entire life.
Lina Zidan
Who is here 2018 ? I can't stop listening to this song !!
Lisa D
Peter Gabriel. Thank you.
Lu Vi
that person !!!!! ...... A hymn to music!!!.... my god.....we will have no more of these masterpieces......... \u003c3
Luca Vannini
Marcel Mizzi
So epic... my youth embossed into music
Marco Pezzetti
Gabriel il più grande in assoluto,ascolti musica ascolti di tutto ma alla fine quando ritorno su di loro è indescrivibile quanto sia stati unici e unico Gabriel e non si smette mai di ascoltarli e sognare....
Mario Salis
Bel pezzo......
Mario Tomassi
Viva i  Genesis.....intramontabile Peter Gabriel
I'm almost beyond words to describe the incredible beauty of this track, one of my all time favourites.\nGreat pictures as well.  
Massimo Necci
Peter UNICO, la musica dei Genesis con Peter UNICA..., ma personalmente ritengo A Trick of the Tail e Wind and Wuthering 2 album di grande livello...pur senza Peter.
Mel Man
Peter Gabriel was 25 year old when this masterpiece was created. Think about that...25 years old. Unbelievable.
Milton Jenkins
Haunting, wildly beautiful song...
Mladen Palovčik
Timeless Masterpiece!
Mónica Carvallo Jerez
Este tema me produce algo especial me estremece , la voz de peter gabriel es realmente potente.-
Pat Flathman
this is ( to me ) but a appetizer. now I must once again listen to the album in full!
his voice is so rich
Piero Giuffrida
questo brano ti prende e ti porta via ... lontano :)
Pimo Mopi
La portada q muestras es la de Génesis libre y.esta canción es de el disco the Lamb lies done un Broadway Peter Gabriel el dios de las vocalizaciónes progresivas
Provi Griffon
Péter is second to none ! !
Puissant Thaumaturgy
I feel this one too much.
R Kline
My favorite from Genesis, as well, Loco.
They are all five musical genii: he is the greatest of the five.
Ray Gravitt
You are correct in that Peter Gabriel was the genius behind Genesis. When he left the group they became a pop music band.
Remo Nardini
the angel gabriel sings
Ricardo José Oliveira
Essa canção é simplesmente demais✌
Richard Hoskins
What ... a ...voice\n\nFor me only Robert Plant equals Peter Gabriel's vocal in the history of rock n' pop
Rock Positivo
Undisputed, Gabriel was and still is a genius
Romie Lorenzo
this is genius, many thanks 
Sandra Serbiano
Such a beautiful song!
Steeve Therrien
best song in the wold
Terry Henderson
Lamb Lies down is a perfect album... True classic!
Outrageous costumes insanely creative just like his music....
Verónica Vásquez Bascuñán
....forever in my heart!\n1963-2017
Véronique Maucort
The last album of the true Génésis group !!!
I don't think this was merely written by Gabriel. It couldn't have been. See, the spiritual gravitas that this song beholds and the emotions it invokes can only mean one thing, that this song, from somewhere in the ether, found him. It is utterly perfect.
angelbabe dawg
claude danek
peter gabriel a son meilleur niveau!
It sure does take the cake & eat it, this track. I've love it since The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 1st came out in 1974. The Lamb is also my fav Genesis album too. So many awesome tracks. 'Anyway' 'The Rapids' 'Fly On A Windshield' 'Chamber Of 32 Doors' 'The Lamia' 'Back In NYC' 'The Light Dies Down On Broadway' 'It' 'In The Cage' 'Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats' the whole album lol
elizabeth hollins
this song breaks to my heart for some reason makes me long for something i can't grasp
genesis forever
giovanni spons
Grandi.Mi hanno fatto sognare
giuseppe pedulla
ogni volta che ascolto questo brano mi vengon le lacrime....mi emoziona tantissimo
Delicious song, One of Peter's greatest.
One of the most beautiful song I´ve ever heard.
johan ramirez
esta cansion es un himno
john beckage
Best rock song ever written, music is so incorporated into the lyrics that takes you a voyage beyond the universe, shows you other worlds and brings you back to your miserable life
kevin zachary
Love the rare pictures....
lele fante
One of the best song ever written
Maybe the most intens and flowing song ever made! A masterpiece that always will be a part of Your life.
luigi d'ambrosio
A 55 anni l'Arcangelo della Genesi  mi fa emozionare come 18. Non so voi...
mat walsh
my brother in law loved this song it was the first time i heard it over 30 years ago he pased away last week it so reminds me of him
maurizio giordani
canzone fantastica
Not ashamed of the tears that this song brings...
pete cotterill
they are wonderful
pete erickson
I saw Genesis in the mid seventies. 40 years later this song is the one I remember most clearly. As a shy teen boy, I was mortified that I had tears in my eyes!!
the most beautiful song ever !
roy ashman
Best concert i have seen Bham Hippodrome Lamb tour , I was still at school prob did not realise what i was watching ... Gabriel out of this world..
salvatore mercurio
it's magic
titi nopp
la grande époque , chanson éternelle, pour moi le meilleur album de tous les temps
ukusa 300d
This was my husbands favorite song. He passed away last week. We were together 39 years....I miss him so much. You gotta get in to get out.....God Speed my love.