Whoopie Cat - Whoopie Cat (2016) (New Full Album)

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Whoopie Cat's music is bluesy and soulful with bursts of heavier Rock Music and deep driving riffs accompanied by vocal harmonies. The lyrical content includes themes such as government corruption, drug abuse, money, mental health, perception, love, hate and spirituality. The band live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Whoopie Cat, impregnate the listener with hook laden heavy blues, sensual soul-crusted croons and feral melodies with deeply penetrating lyrics. Blown away! 1. Amy Rose2. When She Goes3. Sun Don't Shine4. Taken My Money5. As Long As I Can6. When The Light

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Alexander Gilev
Simply. Awesome... Whoopie Cat, you guys are fucking great. Stoned Meadow, thank you for making all these bands known, would have missed these gems if I didn't stumble upon your channel. Heh, keeping faith in this world and good music, it's not all lost yet. )\nGreetings from Russian Far East.
Alexandre Baggio
I´m already a hardcore fan! Greetings from Brazil!
Ander Pendragon
As a male \
Battle Maiden
I don't know why I clicked this, but I am so happy I did. Awesomeness.
stumbled along this album while on acid one fine day, and it absolutely blew my mind. Had to go back later to make sure it was not just the acid... nope this album is so, so good. Amazing blend of psychedelic blues rock.
Chris DeLaTorre
WOW! I have listened to this whole album 5 times in a row over the last couple of days and it just gets better and better! Great Find SMOD!
Chris Jones
Holy shit  this band  is amazing. Bought this  album right away.
Hell of a sound. They've got their shit together. Just a good clean rolling style
Cyril .S
Fell in love with that band!
best up this year thx bro
Great album, for sure 🙂 love the vocals
Diogo Moreira
I simply love this..... that's that...... It toys with my emotions but understands them..... Deep breaths.....\nFeelings...... i need a shrink! XD man i love this....... beautiful music!
Don Constantino
It's soulful. Like.
Although I prefer much more heavier music, this thing instantly blew me away, so great.
Happy 200k to this beauty! go you good thing!
Emmanuel García
I listen to you from Mexico!
Est Lay
listening like thrice a day and still goosebumps cause pain on my skin
The best album of 2016
Gökmen Elagöz
Addiction? Of course !! Totally orgasmic album !!
Hannibal Lecter
absolutely love the second track. Never heard such music before, struck in all the right places. Nothing but praise to this very wonderful yet underrated band. And ofc, big thanks to SMOD - the best goddamn channel on yt.
This is pure magic, can't remember when I got so entangled by an album.
HyperZ's CNC & Gaming
I had to break the 1,666 likes, had to do it.
IEP Plays
One of the best albums this year. Can't stop listening to it.
Imre Rad
J Mill
Just then a policeman stepped up to me and asked us said\nPlease, hey, whoopie Cat
Jason Cowley
Pure aural bliss.\nThank you Whoopie Cat.\nAussie's know how to rock it out. ;)
Really impressed with the sound of this album. I can definitely hear the influence of some really famous bands that I am familiar with, but you have managed to create a sound that is your very own. Great music, can't wait to hear what you come up with next.
John Yakubec
Did not know music like this was made today.....Keeping it real!!!! Thank God!
Jorge Chita
Foda se que som... Demais mesmo. Já sentia falta em ouvir algo que me chama se atenção logo ao primeiro riff e a voz fenomenal. Great job guys rock n roll ever
Josh Beatty
That was too short, but man it was sweet!
Keith Cuci
I'm a 42 year old music fanatic ,I'm so glad I found Whoopie\n Cat at 42 years old ....WOW
Ken Franks
1. Amy Rose 0:00\n2. When She Goes 5:16\n3. Sun Don't Shine 11:20\n4. Taken My Money 15:48\n5. As Long As I Can 21:07\n6. When The Light 27:12\n\nThank you for the upload, Stoned Meadow and thanks for the amazing music Whoopie Cat. This album is amazing. Stuck with me first time around, which is rare for an album.
Kevean Andrez
wow ! great band, great album ! thanks !!
Kevin Dudd
Melbourne represent
Kevin Maurer
1. Amy Rose 0:00\n2. When She Goes 5:16\n3. Sun Don't Shine 11:20\n4. Taken My Money 15:48\n5. As Long As I Can 21:07\n6. When The Light 27:12\n\nThank you for the upload, Stoned Meadow and thanks for the amazing music Whoopie Cat. This album is amazing. Stuck with me first time around, which is rare for an album.
KingLizard Slaughterer
think im gonna listen to this over and over
Lime Seacheck
еееhh why did it end
Now THIS is what I'm Tolkien about.
Marcelo Vilela W Peixoto
One of the best things that happened to my ears in the last 5 years
Mariel Rios
Paraguay los escucha :D súper álbum!
Marlon Mendez
Wow ! Absolutely the best stuff I have heard in decades. Fantastic catchy hooks and vocal lines.
Miguel R Aguirre Rojas
¡¡¡¡great, beautiful lyrics ,the best aussie blues rock¡¡¡¡ 🎸🎸🎵🎵
Mike Medema
finally something I like
MoTuR xXx
One of the best albums of 2016, and I'm saying this after around 40 listens. Amazing how easy it seemed for you guys to do all that stuff. I'm a great admirer of new stoner/psychedelic bands and I try to listen to almost everything that comes out, but this is the best stuff 2016 had to offer. kudos
Dude, This Album is amazing !!! I've been listening to it for 2 hours. Let's share this, good music is something rare nowadays..
Mr. Struggle Snuggle
Definitely one of the better albums I've heard this year. Thanks for sharing!
Absolutely freakin amazing!!!
mind = blown\n\n\nlove this. I am buying this CD on eBay if I can find it.
Damn, this is good!
Reminds me so much of graveyard. Very nice album!
Pedro La Feria
Coming to Europe anytime soon?
Pepe Marban
MAN! THIS IS AWESOME! im so glad i discovered your channel! :D
Rafael Félix
Wow! This is so good.
I did not expect this level of eargasm coming from a band named 'Whoopie Cat'.\nBut man, this stuff kicks the door down.
Regis Lucio
Renan Venâncio de Almeida
Excelent band! Very admirable originality and apropriation of many musical cultures. Keep diging 'til you reach the clouds!
Robert Kedves
I've never imagined in 2016 a band could make real rock music!\nRespect for what you're doing!
Robert Lachendro
I have never commented videos on YT, but... This time i must: This band is soooo amazing!
I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!
Ron Venerable
New Favorite. Over the top OUTSTANDING !!!
Ryan Rodrigues
Dude!!!!!!!!!! These guys are so goood!!! haven't heard good blues rock like this in so long a while man!! Kudos to Whoopie cat and hope you have a great career staying true to this music mate!
Réka T
I've known you guys since 15 mins but im in love with your music.
Sascha San
thats great man! so soul- and powerfull. thank you.
Scott Abell
Nice one, \nThis is, by far, my most favorite reason for falling asleep at work tomorrow.\nI don't think blaming it on the Stoned Meadow of Doom will help my cause.\nEither way - worth it
Sepp Suppinger
one of the best Bands\nin the last years\ngreets from germany
Shane Valcich
Truly EPIC ep, been on repeat for weeks now.
Holy Shit... that was amazing.
Strawberry Assassin
Susan Tate
Love this! Some serious Chords! Have to buy this! Thanks for the share❤️️
Teun de Jong
Absolutly loved it! Best new album I've heard in quite a while. Keep it up Whoopie Cat!!
The Educator
This is what my cat listens to all the time now
No words can explain what im feeling right now, what an impressive album
Tiberius Alexander
THIS IS F#####NG LIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Todd Livingston
I hope the Tripple J hipsters don't get a hold of this. those guys tend to ruin a lot of good bands for me. but these guys do deserve some playtime.
Tom Meakin
Fack this is an album I keep coming back to. Fucking quality. That intro is so damn bluesy, vocals are fantastic, there's solemn gentle parts which i love, and quality solo's.
Trenton Gollan
honestly I listen to this cd about once a day since i discovered it...true rock n roll has not died, not yet
Vincent Mayers
Thumbs Up! here's some love from Montréal!
We are men, not machines!
one of the best discovery i made lately.
Whoopie Cat
Thankyou for the share Stoned Meadow! Legend!
bart potze
Producer: alright guys we need a bandname. This is verry important since the name will stick with you forever. Think verry carefully....Band: Whoopie cat!Producer:.....what?Band: WHOOPIE CATProducer: Whoopie Cat?Band: yesProducer:......are you sureBand Yes! Whoopie Cat!\nAnd that's how we got Whoopie Cat
doug yerton
edd samson
Yo SMOD I'm trying to go to sleep dude its 3:11am why you keeping me up with these tunes? I've listed to this like 3 times in the last week and here I am still
awsome stuff! just bought their digital album, thanks!
I don't normally comment on Youtube but this is amongst the very best pieces of music I've listened to for quite some time..!
.... I thought I had my next several record purchases planned out, and along comes this mind blowing album. I'm buying whatever this group puts out.
Love from California.
I gotta close my eyes and just let all senses hear this magic
Aye , why not \n\n1. Amy Rose 0:00\n2. When She Goes 5:15\n3. Sun Don't Shine 11:19\n4. Taken My Money 15:47\n5. As Long As I Can 21:07\n6. When The Light 27:11\n\nCheers , SMOD
michael cline
Couple of years old, but I still listen to this once a week! Great stuff, can't wait for the new one.
These cats put the WHOOP in the pie!
notavampireadrivinginstructorfromjohanasburg 01
1. Amy Rose - 0:00\n2. When She Goes - 5:15\n3. Sun Don't Shine - 11:20\n4. Taken My Money - 15:49\n5. As Long As I Can - 21:08\n6. When The Light - 27:12\n\nThe band has the full album up on their channel with timestamps as well.
simon russell
Back again. I have found some great bands by surfing youtube, Stoned Meadow of Doom is a diamond mine of quality music. This really is outstanding. It's a classic already.
Absolutely love this. Need more. Mooooore.
One of the best channels on you tube. Thanks for posting all that you do.
Александр Фицик
Godlike coctail of Johnny Cash, ZZ Top, Pink Floyd and australian soul.\nNot wasted 33 minutes of my life. Thanks to all of you.