Police Officer Randall Butler Arrested Second Time, Accused Of Attempted Sexual Assault

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A former police officer with the Lakewood Police Department has been arrested on suspicion of attempted sexual assault. It is the second time he has been accused of committing a sex crime while on duty.According to LPD, former police agent Randall Shaun Butler, 37, was arrested at approximately 7 p.m. Tuesday. LPD said Butler allegedly engaged in unlawful sexual conduct with a woman while giving her a ride home while on duty on June 8, 2018.

37 Accused Of Attempted Sexual Assault Denver District Attorney’s Office Police Officer Randall Butler Arrested Second Time Randall Shaun Butler West 25...

1BoardwalkAngel Forever
This is not the first time this has been a problem in Colorado, either. A woman who it happened to about 6 to 7 years ago is just finishing up a settlement with the city where her incident occurred for several million dollars.\n\nActually in every incident the word of a police officer is taken above that of the average citizen in every case. Hence, why someone can be charged with \
7751 reese
IT'S like Blame it on the black man the 2nd one NEVER thought he'd get caught I feel NOTHING
Akoti Carolyn Israel
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Ali Davis
I listened to somebody put a valid comment which is true the one difference between men and women without having a women aka a gun a man can physically kill a woman with their bear hands a women can't do the the same you see the push for recognising transgender it is all flawed can you change how the brain thinks? No can a man have a baby? No so it is all nonsense that cop who raped those women looked at societies overall view on black people and said in his mind we ain't worth shit that's why he did what what he did because in his mind he believed like now and over time he would be protected and get away with it like travon martins killer by saying and pulling his white card we as a people black people can never pull that card no matter who you married to the one drop rule will still apply just as ok proven innocent in court but in the eyes of many he still guilty just as oj former in laws anyway not getting into it.
All Knowledge
Psychopaths, sociopaths, rapist, pedophiles and murderers make the best cops.
Alvin Nwaokike
They wish Slavery was still on, so they can literally RAPE anything that walks...Shameless Useless lifeless Caucasian Cave monkey 🐒.
Arkethia Terrell
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B Ogletree
Meanwhile a child porn ringleader got his life snatched by a fellow inmate in prison🤔
it's always their unions that keep them on the job. we gotta come for their unions. pba and fop
Bison Days
Isis Smith
Why in de hell does they let these thugs resign? That enables them to go to other city and apply for pig jobs
James Amos
They should make police departments liable for their officers, by sanctioning pay of all officers in that department, anytime there is corruption or intentional wrongdoing. I guarantee that \
James Richardson
Holtzclaw is old news. He was convicted and is to 133yrs. What you don't know is that he was brutally raped twice. The second time was a relative of the woman he raped.
Jay Winslett
Holtzclaw patrolled Northeast Oklahoma City, which is predominantly black, sick ass figured no one would believe them.
Jon Rock
*Arrested Twices For Rape And Still Wears A Badge???*
Jung Zjackie
This is sad, this junk has been going on sense slavery time. I swear black women aren't safe. We are always prey to these deviants, we supposed to be the less attractive females of all the other races. But we are the ones they just have to have, mostly by force, we are the most women who are always fetishes by these sick men. I'm so sick and tired of these crazy white men trying to use us in their sick sex games. Every sense adolescent been targeted by white men trying to lead me into their cars. But I learned to stay far from them, and make sure I have some type of protection on me. I even scared one off by pointing at a group of brothers, by telling him I will scream and they will come and beat you, and that clown took off. We have to be careful as women and stop trusting these animals, we don't need to except a ride from non of them.
Lovely Love
Michelle H
This is what happens when evil lawlessness is allowed to spread without consequences. Sickness continues until it is caught and stopped in its tracks. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!!!!
Penny Ford
Protect and serve my ass !!! More like \
Queen of Pentacles
I read a comment someone made on another video that said, \
Ruby Deen
Why is he still police officer.
S. M.
Thanks for pointing out the fact that both their salary & those settlements are monies from the taxpayers of the cities that they commit their crimes in. They are paid by the taxpayers (in your city), supported & protected by the departments (in your city), funded & defended by their police unions whenever legal matters arise (in your city), receive free legal representation with unlimited funds during judicial proceedings - which said monies come from the state (taxpayer's money) ..... and gets the best \
Steadno 2006
Stephanie Hylton
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That wanna be white supremacist Michelle Malkan is trying to get that devil Daniel Holtzclaw out of jail!
He needs to be sleeping with the fishes.
Tonia Jean-Pierre
The one on the right raped one of the women when she was handcuffed to her hospital bed sick.
Yolanda Jenkins
Another corrupt public servant on the taxpayers dime... On the job being a sexual deviant God only knows how long he was doing these disgusting acts on citizens
brenda williams
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debe wish4
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joshua haynes
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pink kisses
These damn cops are so corrupt and dangerous it's insane it's sad really you don't know which ones are good and which aren't.
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