GEMINI - AVAILABLE NOWDIRECTED BY Jason KoenigSTARRINGHelen Schott & Ben Haggerty CONCEPT BYBen HaggertyPRODUCED BY Honna Kimmerer DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHYJohnny ValenciaEDITED BY Jason Koenig, Johnny Valencia, Ben Haggerty, ADDITIONAL EDITINGPhillip HarveyPRODUCTION COORDINATORHannah Benson SHOT BY Johnny Valencia & Jason KoenigSPECIAL THANKSThe City of Modesto, Josh "Budo" Karp, Julie Schott, Gladys Ahart, Frankee Tanner, Barbara Mackler, Jane Wann, Cody Raburn aka Mr. Showtyme, Bill & Nikole Wann, Cheryl Chamness, Doug & Lisa Cook, Scotty B & Foundation Tattoo, RunAround Sue's, Boomers Staff, WinCo Plaza Parkway, Second Chance Consignment, Wally & Turlock Lake State Recreational Area, Ryan McKinnon, SONG CREDITSMacklemoreGlorious feat. Skylar GreyPerformed by Macklemore and Skylar GreyProduced by Joshua "Budo" KarpAdditional Production by Tyler DoppsWritten by: B. Haggerty; H. Hafermann; J. Karp; T. Andrews; T. Dopps Lyrics by Ben Haggerty and Holly HafermannAdditional Vocals by Donna MissalTrombone by Raymond MasonTrumpet, Flügelhorn & Euphonium; Horn Arrangements by Todd M. SimonPiano by Joshua “Budo” KarpBass by Joshua “Budo” KarpDrum Programming by Joshua “Budo” KarpSynth by Tyler DoppsAdditional Background Vocals by Adam Aejaye Jackson, Niomisha Renee Wilson, Oren Waters, Valerie Pinkston, Brenda McClure, Harrison White, Will Wheaton, and Bridgett BryantAdditional Piano by Josh RawlingsAdditional Drum Programming by Tyler DoppsMixed by Jon Castelli at The Gift Shop, DTLAMastered by Dale BeckerEngineered by Tyler Dopps Additional Engineering by Nick Mac and Sean Kellett Engineer for Mix Ingmar CarlsonMacklemore Publishing (BMI)Z Songs (BMI)Gutterfunk (ASCAP)Tyler Andrews (ASCAP)Dopps Tyler Matthews (BMI)Skylar Grey appears courtesy of Kid In A Korner / Interscope RecordsMacklemore managed by Zach Quillen & Josh Dick© 2017 Bendo, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Alex Shearman
It was so funny when she stuck her middle finger up
Anthony Butkovich
I’m crying this warms my heart so much
Augg dec
November 2018?!
Bailey Carter
1:54 HOW?!?!?
Banana Penguin
This made me cry my great grandmas name was Helen she died of cancer and my great grandpa died last year he was 98 years old he just went to sleep and never woke up 😭😢😓
Brandy K
Very touching song and video. Very sweet keep going strong grandma! \u003c3
Favorite artist!!!
Carl Eklund
Crazy Slimes
why am I crying
Daniel O'Connor
i did'int even know that this song was a thing until my sister died and it was her favorite song so we played it at her funeral and now this song is one of my most loved songs...
Darby Mikaye
This has to be the sweetest vid I’ve ever seen!!! Nothing is more special than a bond between grandchildren and grandmothers!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Doctor Who
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That fireman part had me dieing
I have to give it up for macklemores grandma, she a beast for being 100
Esketit 1!1!1
His grandma is so pretty. One of my favorite songs, like if you agree\n\namong: hmnathan
Fred Foley
Most viewers are real good at subscribing
G Money
I seriously almost cried during that
Gabe Erwin
Macklemore’s videos are so real.\nI love them so much
Gaurav Rajwani
A like for macklemores grandmother!!!!respect...
Gladys Pollas
I'm not crying\nYou are
Harley Quinn ASMR
She looks so good 😊 for her age 100 and beautiful 🤩I wanna look like her when I’m 100
HeaDcRyGT Gaming
i will do that to my grandmother too😕 because i want to be she happy
How To Make Sushi
I like how music videos are like small movies these days :)\nalso that looked like you made her have a great day
It’s Only Izzy Bailey
I don’t know why this made me cry
LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!
Janice Durant
GLORIOUS 2018 November i love song
Jason Kovac Official
This is inspiring. I love this video sooo much, I love my grandma, she is 77 and has PSP, I spend as much time with her. This video made me cry, this video will stay with me for the rest of my life. 😊😊😊😊😊
Jenn Hurley
Joan 95
These lyrics are so meaningfull
R.i.p grandma... she will.= be missed\nEvery like = 100 prayers
JonathanWhik PUBG
1 like = Respect for Mackelmore and of course his grandma that can still move more than me
Jordan Gentry
Okay. This is cute. And I cried a little.
This was o cute i just started crying i watched it twice
Karolina Chladova
This video made me cry, so lovely.
Kevin and Lill
awwwww our grandma's need to become friends
LO.PA. Studios
This video always made me cry
Lethal Tuber
why would anyone dislike this? its amazing, respect for macks grandma!
Life of Tom
This is amazing \u003c3 Nothing but love for this man!
Liz Ramirez
She is so adorable! She a savage too lol 😂
When the best part was coming it freaking paused since my internet is slow asf😭😭
Lucky Llama
Brings a tear to my eye.
Luuk Tooten
respect!!! this is the most beautiful thing you can do for a 100th birthday
Léna Cimiterra
Macklemore LLC
Grandma - nothing is more Glorious than you. Happy 100th. Thank you for the Werthers Originals. The advice. And for being a part of something that I’ll treasure forever. Love Ben.
Mario Ivezaj
Damnnnnnnn she old
J'aime pas du tout le drop il manque qqchose avant le refrein.. Mais sinon omg elle eest trop bien 😂😉👌
Micah Ott
I loved it
Miledi Trujillo
Make everyday count. This is what life was made for 😍💗!!
Mr. Productions
Spend time with your family while you still can
Nereida Macedonio
What an inspration to see ur Granmother see u grow up and that anything u go through i know family will awalys be the like bens grandmother but u will awalys treasure those moments. This videos is is rlly Glorious and to see this is very sad and that was a special moment to u and that the special part was that bens grandmother got to see him grow up and thats very special to his grandmother very special to ben \u003c3 and u are a very lucky person to have a glorious moment to spend time with ur grandmother and share those moemts because thats all u got \u003c3
Nicholas Lehl
Damn it's kinda weird I've never actually had a real convo with my grandma. 2 of my grandmas died of cancer ( dads stepmom) and I was like 4 and really close to them but my other grandma I've actually never really talked to her
She was born when the first World War ended, in 1918. There was nothing like a Smartphone then. Just think about what she has experienced, insane.
Noble Ortega
Is she still alive hopefully she is
That his real grandma?! That's so fucking sweet! Blessings to them ♥♥♥
DAAAM! I feel older than her after what she can still do!
Passion Does
Omg 36k dislikes? This song is amazing! It made me realized how important it is to hang out with your grandparents because when you were young they had so much time with you and its your turn to get a chance to make them happy again😭😢
this video actually made me cry! I don't know why!
Petty Marquez
It was funny wen she put up them 🖕 it was funny just funny l wil respect macklemor es grand mother
This is so cute! \u003c3
Rahmi Tokatlı
Son zamanların jigola sı
Raven The Wolf
Ur grandma is 100 wow she's heathy I never seen a grandma that old and I like how u respect ur grandma
Ryan Urmom
Glad i spend so much time with my grandma. When that generation all passes, you will not be able to ask them questions about how life was back then.
Saija Suero
Happy 100th!!!!!!!
Sandra Polo Sas
I love this music video is so lovely
Savia Karim
Damn his grandma is savage! Happy birthday helen 😘😘
Sheridan Smith
This song makes me wish I could keep my grandparents forever
Shy Girl
such a beautiful song it is so lovely when you hear it or it's stuck in your head! x
Listen to this every morning so I always feel glorious starting the day!
Sport-Kanal HD
Ein Deutscher vielleicht?
Thats a one savage grandma 😂
TheBlackPhoenix YouTube
now thats a happy birthday
Tim Atskul
i watch every day once a day and it makes my day happy
User Name
2018 anyone?💘
Vy Nguyen
*Macklemore is a respectable human being and a great artist*
Waheed Malik
i feel\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nGLORIOUS i like if you feel GLORIOUS too
William Bjarnt
Who is watching??\nOctober 2018?
If you still have a grandma, take care of her, she is like your second mother \u003c3
Zachary Y
Where are these dislikes coming from ??
alberto plascensia
People are here because of doctor who and stuff like that, but I'm here because I'm a true maclemore fan. Glad hes back
aloomi x
this is the most precious thing I ve seen in a long time
Awe this is sweet
civil production
Whos watching in november 2018?
the video and the song makes me cry.
doctor who animations
This was lovely.
fnaf lover1234
This video is so cute! Love and spend every second with you grandma thats loved by all
sho is watching again cuz of the snapchat adds? ^^
hehaws thats my name
Who ever disliked this get SCREWED!!!!!!thanks
kome Abugo
Those 37k ppl that disliked the vidoe probably have a less better life than Macklemore and his grandma
lmliamarina 241
This video made me cry because my grandma died 1week ago
myat noe ein Chai
Beautiful. Just perfect.
oLiv ia
I love this :)
oliver anava
shamed fawzi
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shut up shanna
stephanie Alexa's world martinez
unipurpuppie 777
I cried so much in this
Κωνσταντίνος Μαυράκης
Reminds me of stan lee..