Darren Hayes - Crush (1980 Me)

Music video by Darren Hayes performing Crush (1980 Me). (C) 2002 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Columbia Crush (1980 Me) Darren Hayes Pop

A Man From 80s
i like this 80's like songs era!!
Alex Nic
This is mixed differently than the album version (I guess radio edit?); think it's edited too. But never knew they made a video for it, awesome.
Alisha Bouchard
Wish they'd make a song like this about the 90s. :)
My childhood I had the a major crush on him when I was younger lol
Alma Minor
Real Míster Hayes
Andrea Patricia Crowley
I really love Darren style,the way he sings like if he were flirting with the camera,he looks really stunning in this video. And when he makes that rivalry with the other guy daamn he looks so fine,well the other actor isn't that ugly either. What i mean is Darren has the ability to play with the camera and make the cam loves him back as well. Also the environment is about young people having great fun
Aror EclecticMusic
Ashish Singh
I love ❤🙏🙌 this song🎵..back to old school days..!!!🙋\u200d♂️😀✌🏻
Ashley Elliott
I love Darren Hayes! I remember when that album came out. I had to have it, and still have it to this day. One of my all time favorites!
Bolin Dong
The more I listen to this song, the more deeply I love it. I do not know why, cuz I really did not like this song a little bit at first. Maybe it is my love for Darren haha!
Brigitte Yopasa
Yess,2018.octuber.30.salutes from Bogotá Colombia.OK.
... ... 2018?
Chany Philly
just me or does it sound like they cut a lot of the beginning out?
Deborah Watson
Love this.....
Erlandia Sousa Maciel
darren um anjo lindo, olhar divino oceano, meu viver...
I've been looking for this song for *years*! I remember listening to this in my bedroom on repeat when I was 7 or 8 years old, I'm so happy I've found this again! :D :D
Gri Kurt
Choose Life.
Whenever my bf does something that makes me mad I make him sing this song to me and he does it and it's the most hilarious thing ever because he tries so hard to hit the high notes but he can't and he's Chinese which makes it funnier for some reason and I have no choice but to forgive him it's like the key to any relationship issues yes I am drunk
Isauro Sanchez Torres
2018 y nunca había visto este vídeo y ES DE LO MEJOR!!! Tanto tiempo perdido sin saber de esta estupenda canción de Darren Hayes.
Istvanne Gaspar
Beautifull songs
Karime Lapizco
He is so cute love him!
Good God I love this man for the past 20 years and not planning to stop.
Lorena Ballon
I love you forever Darren Hayes..
Martin Ramos
Great song..
Mini Salad
Why did u stop making song?
Mukss 79
Nik A
Для меня золотые годы это 2000-е, но от этой песни у меня также возникает чувство ностальгии! Даррен спасибо за чудесную музыку!!!!
Nisa Benthon
I feel old listening this song! But... man... how I LOVE IT!
As an 80s child, this is practically my theme song.\nLove me some Darren Hayes! 💋
Mr. Hayes, thank you so much for writing this song. I'm an 80's kid, and I love this \
Даррен, мать твою, это ахуительно!!!!!
Pritish Appadoo
Ladies and gentlemen, the rightful successor to Savage Garden's single \
Quattro IV
back to me 2002.
Ravindra Karan Singh
Why he ditch that red dress girl 😲
Robin S.
Good lord the things his eyes, lips, and voice do to me 😆
Sin D'Angelo
Naming my first son after you, Darren! \u003c3
Sue Klein
Darren is very easy on the eyes.
Yamilet Aldino
I always felt dissapointed when the bad guy grabbs darren by his shirt, wouldve been better if he got ghetto or kung fu on the guys ass or at least push him away :/
ford explore
love this song.
Greatest song Wham! never made.\n\nDarren's dad is the baldie behind the desk. \n\nThe guy that whacked him around when he was a boy.
love this.. which Darren would make more music.
nunya bidness
I didn't like this song at first. Now I love it. Funny how it worked out. Lol!!
samantha Louise
Also love his songs / albums 💯very meanful😏👌🏽
Can't wait for Martha to figure out he is gay and that the bully is actually jealous of her. XD
sphinx onyx
This was (still is) my jam
Charlie XCX's 1999 feels like the spiritual sequel to this song.
I love this video & song so much! I miss going to the arcade to play Mrs. Pac-Man & Galaga. Thanks for bringing me good memories Darren :)
ümit gentelman67
04.08.2018 here i am from Turkey 🇹🇷🤗
Наталия Закарян
Спасибо класс!!! 👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Светлана Найдёнова