Kim Wilde - The Second Time (Go For It)

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Kim Wilde The Second Time Go For It. 1984 single charting at #29 in the UK in October 1984, #9 in Germany in November 1984, #23 in the Netherlands in November 1984, #15 in Belgium in November 1984, #7 in Switzerland in December 1984, and #65 in the US in February 1985. From the album 'Teases and Dares'. This track was released in the US under the alternate title 'Go For It'. Official music video HQ just go for it just go for the second time 80s 80's. ohnoitisnathan

80s For Go HQ It Just Kim Second The Time Wilde high ohnoitisnathan quality

I feel this song was too modern for it's time.  Much of today's dance music sounds similar to this.
This is a great song, but I bet she cringes when she watches this video now.
Alexandru Duta
sunt superrr....frumoase melodiaaaa....
Annemarie Hosper
I have ALL Kim Wilde albums on vinyl of her early years (1981 debut Kim Wilde to Close 1988)
Ayla VSI
Totally crazy video :)
Back in the eighties when I was at primary school we had to watch a video promoting the MMR vaccination and this was the soundtrack to it. That's what brought me here today.
2:02 Poor kimmy was made to suffer
Brian Vincent Doucet
I remember an excerpt of this video on an episode of \
Bryan Partington
Christoph Wegener
I love the complete teases and dares album from favorite from her. This track, rage to love and especially shangri-la and blade runner I think it inspires the album. Look out for the 2 CD expanded edition. Kim sings great and looks like a bombshell.
Claudia Kah
Thanks for sharing. I love it.
I want to 1 vs 1 her in the cage
Shit video. But a great song. My fave was Rage to Love though. Loved the updated rockabilly element to it.
What kind of man gets Kim back to his gaff and starts rattling on about his sea-green curtains?
David Ellis
This should have been an international #1. Not quite. 🇺🇸 indifferent.
David Hadlow
haven't heard this for a long time, Kim has always been one of my favourite singers, met her once .. unfogettable   
The slap bass in this song is EPIC
Don't Look At This Page DLATP T.V.
I've got a sudden hankering to put on some ugly '80s-style exercise clothes and go find me some mummies to wrestle ...
Emily Beck
A time when music was still music unlike these days....
Erin Wyn
still love
Meine erste große Liebe 😍😍😍
George Smith
I've never seen it.
Gregory Taylor
brilliant song from her best album
Wilde forever!
Indian 2080s
Knight Rider Episode Knight Racer
James Petts
Exactly how many hairstyles does she have in this three minute video...?
James Speke
TESCO! Floor it!
Jani Papunen
painu helvettiin Pellet ja urvot \nterveisiä kaikille kauniille naisille terveisin Monsters!?😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😋😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Jason S
Best song ever in history
Jeffrey KRUPA
So... whatever happened to real women anyway?
John Pettitt
80's gem.....What a Groove.....
John Robertson
Jose Assunção
Kézia Soares
The Touch pt II
LaDeeDa Cook
Kim is Wilde.
Thought I saw most of Kim's videos, this is a new one great find.
Loshaj Hamid
80 without you no go kim
Madonna58 Terminiello
this only got to number 29 in the charts in 1984 it should have charted higher great song
Marian Stoica
best single !
Misfits of Science pilot song.
Bad ass bassline
Morgane Lange
1984. I remember this, it was great!
Mr. Chip
wow, and thats not a good wow
this song is amazing i love it one of my favorite song of kim wilde
great track from kim
80s decade the BEST! all else is crazy weak really....never forget what we did back then....
Mustafa Leymun
I do believe I will be adding this to my new workout mp3 player.
kitt don't like this song...XD
Neo Giovanni
Noel Rooney
No idea what that video was trying to say :-)
omg!!! is amazing!! i LOVE KIM \u003c3 I LOVE 80'S
Paul Rotter
the Real , Go for it! not the Cory Feldman song
Peter Hansen
Videoen og styling som Frankie goes to Hoollywwod- top 100 billboard!
Peter Migschni
Anyone recognoze that the lyrics are pure p*rn???
Rachel Brudenell
rewind 80's 🌟
Rafael Dantas
very cool👍
My personal favorite...😎
Regina Faber
just go for it kim ,still got it !!!!!  were both Scorpio we,ll go for it ,the second the third and so on hahaha ;)
Great song, and in hindsight, the video is really funny, especially the ending. :D\nPoor bandaged gladiator, not enough stamina. XD
Sebastien yoda
je connais pas la chanson ! je sais pourquoi /:)
Misfits of Science brought me here.
Sibel Yiğit
Çok güzel kadın kim wilde
Simon Andersen.
Mmm .. Kim♡ ;)
Stephen Pickup
Loving Kim's X-Men unitard!!
Stephenie Holloway
my first favorite song
Stuart Maxwell
Ha, Kim singing as femaie rapist - \
Surreygirl 1978
love kim early 80s stuff
Tee Jay
Kim didn’t like the “warrior woman” image for this album...but she rocked it 🔥🔥🔥
Sexy suit and heels in this one! She looked very good here! Has anyone got this one in HD!?
Dam, never realised this song was about a girl's sexual frustration.
Tomasz Łomiński
Hot, hotter, Kim Wilde. No doubts it's one of the craziest and most ecstatic videoclips of 1980s and probably my best music discovery of 2018. And please, GO AWAY with all of those Ed Sheeran's, Lady Gaga's \
Uuga Buuga
Damn most of Kim's songs are so underrated! i love this song!
Vlado Koritnik
One of the best from Kim Wilde!
Winslow Leach
amazing album, ahead if its time...still ahead of today's music for me...
abaron 0623
Her voice sounds like Sabrina Salerno to my ears....don't you?
Imagine the guy she's singing about needing to be told to 'go for the second time'. I think if I woke up next to Kim Wilde I wouldn't need any persuasion
amber smith
one of the best videos from 80's i just love how Kim Wilde \
anahita shirkoohi
channa 66
Hi KIM, \nfantastic singing and pharisaism. Even today, excellent level. Your girlfriend from Slovakia from Košice. Anna ♥
charley Farley50
Best hair of the 80's!
corinne domard
engel 242
Those gorgeous eyes , Kim Wilde \u003c3
fafi philou
adorable Kim ...
A big collector ! Thank you !
Elle est trop belle, j'vais faire un malaise !
kenny P
Great bass and synth line
kevin La Plume
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I cant help but love the 80s' cocaine fuelled cheesy/plastic style of music (videos)
I still love Kims campy battlewear :D
Voll vergessen das Lied, aber geil. Mit das Beste von ihr!
simplyeighties .com
Love those 80s basslines!
the king
I miss the 80's. The movies and the music was much better then today's crap.
Kim was just soooo sexy back in the day
Ник К