Genesis - Carpet Crawlers 1999 (Official Music Video)

Genesis - The Carpet Crawlers 1999 was originally recorded in 1974 as part of the concept album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. The song was re-recorded in 1999 and the name changed to The Carpet Crawlers 1999. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE GENESIS OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL __ Genesis are among the biggest selling recording artists of all time and one of Britain's most internationally renowned bands. Watch classic Genesis videos right here on the official channel and keep up-to-date with the latest releases! (c) Gelring Limited

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Finally! I get to see Genesis music videos freely in my country!
One of the best songs songs I have ever heard
Aaron Grondin
I'm very happy to see these videos! Genesis is amazing!
Anthony Hobson
I remember listening to this one on an old Walkman in 2000 while in the Channel Tunnel.
Love the song and love so much Phil Collins voice.
Bobby Willis
I always thought this was a political song...
Bravo Lazz
Original is better
Brian Jones
It's one heck of a challenge to find Tony and Steve in the video, but they're there someplace.\n\nI think.
Clay Weintraub
It stink the 5 members did not reunite to record the song together
Daniel Toliaferro
Hey guys. Is the guy at the end Rael? Please somebody get back to me ASAP. Thanks.\n\nEdit: At 2:04 it shows Rael (Peter Gabriel portraying Rael from the 70s concerts). The kid in this video must be him.
Eastman D
Always loved this version of Carpet Crawlers. Good blend of old and newer (at the time) Genesis. I bet that was one tense studio session. Banks jealousy and outright contempt of Gabriel is always present in any interview the guy gives...and after all the huge success the band had without Peter !
Eluwenie Stargazer
Love this video. Saw it first on VH1. Thank you so much for allowing the same one here in, what I call \
Love this version of The Carpet Crawlers so much. Just magical.
G Holyspotweld
Gene Bryant
in to get out!
Whats the real meaning of this song? I have always heard about being make, and born, but i also feel it has something espiritual in it. i dont know what exactly, but there is something about like being in a place similar as purgatory or heaven??
Jay James
Where does this RAEL footage come from? Someone filmed the Lamb?
Joe DeNicola
I know Tony Banks expresses his displeasure in this version and I can understand why because it's vastly different than the original and the arrangement is strange, coupled with a strange blend of Phil and Peter BUT think of it as an attempt to try something totally new with a new producer they never used before. I think it's OK but the issue I have is that it sounds more like the Genesis of the 80s and not the prog version of the band. I'd be willing to bet that this version after being heard after the final mixdown by Peter is why he will not reunite. He probably thinks the same thing with it sounds like a Genesis he simply does not know. Unless they want to do EXACTLY what they did in the 70s, there's no reason to reunite. Just my opinion. Some things are better left dead and buried with the proper memories.
Niroki Itisme
Oh how much I love this song.
Paranoid Android 67
This song has three great versions. The original from the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, the Seconds Out live version and this one. Their best song.
It's hard to imagine this is a TWENTY year-old remake of a FORTY year-old song.
It's a shame they never used Ray's verse
Simply Magical
Absolutely one of my favorite songs by Genesis. Definitely one of their best! In my opinion this is better than the original by a long shot.
Sir Kayda
Love the way Phil sings \
Tina Lanning
TogethermenT Films
oh.. for gods sake, lose the drum machine.
carida amaya
My name is Genesis
Great song and video! This version of \
They got a guy who actually looks like Rael (i.e, late 70's Peter Gabriel)
It was unacceptable for the third verse not to be placed in this song. They should've just Ray Wilson do it - because it taints the whole video as you're waiting and waiting to her \
illuminated one
this was awesome peter and phil together again man these guys were great
Yeah, nah.
Love it! Thank you.