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So I know that no prison is the same... so always remember that when I speak of prison it will be different somewhere else to an extent. In this video i will be talking about my second trip to prison.If you enjoyed this video please do not forget to hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button. I don't want you missing anything! why I went to prison :

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bro I have those same nightmares about going back I hope I never make it tho we'll see
Bro you hear About luzide dreams when you learn to controll your dreams you can do what every you want to do , try it bro its worth it\n(Peace out from Germany )
After Stupid Show
During ww2 when the Germans would conquer a country the first people they would round up and kill were members of the local nazi party.
Alexi Antonatos
American tar macker
Joe is good but he makes to many stupid faces I feel like he got beat up a lot in prison lol
Angel Martinez
Cage life 101
AntiTrumper trump hater
Im from Australia andYou are damn right about the white guys not sticking together .I made a note of it in there .why is that ? wherever you go its the same .are there not enough numbers or what ?
I don't know what's worse being in jail and dreaming about being home or being home and dreaming about being in jail🤣🤣🤣
You scared me of your channel name hahaha
Blue Kaprice
My pops used to tell me he had dreams of him waking up back in prison, he's been locked up a year now. Was doing good for almost 8 years, had a slip up, and they sent him back. Sucks man, be safe out there.
Bob Corbin
I feel like a good one woulda been Life After with Death
Brandon Kellogg
I for sure don’t know bout EST coast at all.. but here at home in the MID W & as far as I know the WST Coast the AB & the ABT is deep and will carve that A$$ up.. real talk.. u don’t put your hands on a brother 4 real or it’s a wrap
Brandon Lane
Brandon Sutton
Dude I really feel you on the dreams where your back behind bars. It's happened to me 2 or 3 times where the dream was lucid and I specifically remembered hoping that it was a dream and I didn't wake up but when I finally did thank Jesus I was in my bed at home.
Brer Rabbit
Maybe you should take a break from the prison talks and steer towards something else for awhile. You've got great presence and your an interesting dude, show us videos of the work you do or tattooing or something but you can easily be more than a prison channel.
Brotein 7
Because whites are the only race that have been conditioned from an early age to think that they're the only ones that aren't allowed to stick up for themselves and each other as a race. Everyone else is more than allowed to (they're almost encouraged to) be proud of their race, but white people are either individualists, or they're racist. Those are your options. Choose one and one only. That's what society tells whites.\nWhen they end up in prison they learn that since everyone else is doing it, they might as well do it too. I imagine that's probably why every prison has a white power type of gang. They came about out of necessity. Most blacks and Hispanics in prison are cowards and will almost exclusively fight when their group has the better number. When one of them says something like \
Buffalo Bandit
Damn man, you had 1,100 just a couple months ago. And now you got 23k. Thats beast dude.
Chris Craze-Kree
Wayy better stories than joe, much props homie
Chuck Gallagher
In Maryland white guys did get punked still do but now they second guess jumping white guys cuz if he's a DAWG THEY KNOW IF THEY TOUCH HIM THEY WILL GET CHOPPED UP
Corporal Punishment
Denise fitness
Your right about white people don't stick up for each other. I'm in the projects in calif and white people will backstab you here over lies. They don't hang together and try to get favor with the blacks.
Dewey Royal
Real can only be real or as u say real recognize real could be used as name's 4 tha channel
had to stop and take a drink of coffee with you. coffee gang klack klack
Donald Trump☑️
Respect for being real about if you were worried or afraid instead of putting on a front like some super thug. The realness is gonna make your channel blow up homie
Donna Yoder
In my opinion, due to the seriousness of your messages in general, no matter how much you may lighten them, your channel SHOULD have an unnerving, unsettling, very ominous name because the subject matter is ominous. If someone doesn’t think so, well, I don’t think then, that they’ve truly heard you. No disrespect, real talk! Listening and hearing are not always simultaneous :)\n\nI’ve only been a subscriber a few days, but seriously listened to every video so far, without becoming distracted.... that’s unusual for me! So, from me, I mean it as a compliment. I’m easily pissed and very well armed, which is why I have a vested interest in NEVER going to prison.\n\nSo many people in my life have revealed lately how disloyal, disrespectful, and dishonorable they are... that I find myself shocked when I recognize a powerful, true, and good human being anymore. And, oddly enough, Ive realized that real truth is rarely spoken by those who risk something by speaking it, so we cover the discomfort with bullshit.\n\nYour channel is like fresh air! My brothers, those who rescued me, helped save my life, and then heal my life, have spent a considerable amount of time in jail or prison or both. Some nearly their entire life. They’ve earned my undying loyalty and respect, and you remind me so much of them. \n\nWhich is a long-ass way of saying, don’t change it. You say Fear Prison? Nearly every video. So why dilute the name of your channel? It should make people anxious, that’s the smart part of the brain telling us not to be a dumbass! It’s not a joke. \n\nTake care, love your videos, they help me. Because the world I was raised to live in is so NOT the world I live in. I almost died because I lacked street smarts, and trusted everyone. Never again.
Prison life i think that would the best name for yo channel
Drew High
my best day i ever had in prison was when i had a dream i got 40 years and when i woke up i was happy as hell that i only had 7. i wiped the sweat off my head took a sigh of relief and accepted that i could've been in a way worse situation then i was in at the moment. i said a prayer and thanked God that my life wasn't over.
Ely Powell
I know what you are talking about with the White brothers not sticking together and carrying fear . We rule on the outside but when we get caught up in prison we are on our own. I by these rules, treat others how you want to be treated, don't do crime, and trust God and strive to obey Him and you will have peace. Great video bud!
Eric Rodriguez 215
Worst bid I did was back when I was 19. I live in Pa and did a 4-8 in Pine Grove. They call it Gladiator School cuz all you do is fight every day. First day there I got rolled by 5 people but they ended being my boys after that. That prison is off the hook it's mostly 18-25 year olds so shit is poppin. I ended up maxing out that bid. On some real shit not many people make parole from Pine Grove. Don't matter who it is when you get there, you gotta fight. It's the only prison I been to that keeps all the young bols separated from the old heads.
Ernest Eggleston
As for names my friends, I offer you this to ponder. As Believer, we were all dead in our sins! Enemies of God! Yet our loving father, sent his own begotten to lay down his life paying our sin debt in full! He came that we should have life and have it abundantly! It's about the \
European Resistance
Racist Black inmates jumping White American inmates 3 on 1, why didn't the guards help them? are they racist too?
Free Sabot
Fck I still have prison/court dreams/nightmares lol I hate it. Been out for years and avoided anything more than a county visit for scrappin since but still can't shake a lot of the shit. Hell I still got habits I picked up in county the first time I got popped down south years and years ago that weren't really useful anywhere else. \
Full Chamber Casewick
I remember the first time gang squad rolled up on us hanging out on the block and swooped all of us up. The first time I ever got put in handcuffs. I was a scared bitch but I was going down with 5 of my homies. I was 15 at the time. They took us all down and through us all together in a holding cell. They were pulling us out one at a time taking our pictures. I was flipping and my homie Chris pulled a joint out of the brim of his Detroit fitted and we started blazing.\n\nApparently they said we were trying to car jack this lady but what actually happened was there was a car accident we were standing there watching. The only thing that kept me from going to the county was they lady that we were supposedly trying to car jack walked into the gang squad station to file a report. From that day forward I watched my step very carefully...
Wow, all that history in one cell under a coat of paint. That's cool.
Gram Kracker Mike Boss
You were that white boy who didn't have a brothers back! I've jumped in a fight a guy was getting beat up by three guy's.i jumped in and the two of us were able to hold our own against the three.ive been in more than one scrap in my day I'm proud to say I won most of them.there was a separate time I got jumped I was with my gf walking in the park and six guys mobbed me. One of the guy's had a baseball bat. It's safe to say I got tuned up. I did walk away from it. not with everything I started the day with, but I'm still here, and not all of them are!
Green Grass4ya
I have dreams alot of those nightmares too dawg
Hey boo, so I'm 4min in... But if you looking to change ur name (thumbs up on that), I get you've been thru shiz-nit but, you need a name of light... suin redemption! Anyways ima continue this vid
Habitual Vlogger
I'm from Powhatan
Hayden Hurtado
death talks time for new channel name
Hunter Merida
names for channel: tatted and insane
HyPeR BoReAn
Your right about the white boys not sticking together. I did time in PA. The only ones who did were white boys from certain neighborhoods in Philly. 215
White guys get taken advantage of.\nLike being forced to light gang cigarettes all day.\nBut I guess that beats getting your face in the drain.
James Mclellan
thats how it is in Orlando shit is crazy but dont ever and i mean ever show fear ive been beay up but i also did my fair share of beating
Janet sparkles
I know im too late to suggest a YouTube name for you but I'm gonna throw it out there for the heck of it. \nAMERICAN GANGSTER or TRUE AMERICAN\nbecause you are a true American! How you changed your life you were once a gangster and became the meaning of a true American your an inspiration it's possible to achieve the American dream even if you've been in the pen
Jason Blasl
I just recently found your channel and I love it.. I'm a huge fan of another channel that you may know of and its called After Prison show. Your stuff is definitely getting better and better. I know this is an old video , I just happen to hit the comment button on this one and not for any good reason other then i felt the need to just say awesome job brother and keep it up!
Jeff Guttery
Bro I woke up and turned on bobby womack( if you think your lonely now)play it to your ol lady your welcome
Jesse K
This that & the 3RD....thats ya new name
Jim Bean
Well damn u keep telling people to be scared the corrupt government is jus gonna have to start getting even more innocent people convicted
Katelyn Brokaw
I live about 15 minutes from Shawshank lol!! (Ohio State Reformatory)
Kevin Arnold
Hey man how bout naming your channel Lockdown 23 and 1. That's a good name for this channel.
Kevin Englebright
thank u for yr stories.
King Miz360
Ppl gravitate towards u kuz u got a good personality, u real n u got charisma
King Salmon
Ours was Alhambra reception in phoenix arizona. And it was all bad. Im trying to forget about all that but these videos bring back all the memories .
Kokaine Ky Skoob
Do they really have demons/ghost in prison?
Krista Hilla
Raider papi is my idea for a name
Lockdown 23and1
My channel name is gonna be deathibring presents \
M Vegas
Sorry to hear about the pts bro but those dreams are what keep you free
Michael Andrews
Hey what up bro. Cool channel you got going. Let me ask you, how long were you at powatan rec ieving?
Michelle gonzalez
I did three months in the cook county jail then from there I did 8years in dewhite 2002 to 2009 prison way better then the county jail for real
My best friend is in prison for the next 20 years , he did 16 years already from age 18 to 34 , got out for 2 years and caught another charge and received 20. He's told me some terrible s*** that hes seen but could never talk about because he won't snitch. A person being thrown over the railing to his death , people hanging themselves in his cell including him getting stabbed 9 times last year. It's so messed up , pure hell and to ANYONE thinking the street life is cool, think again please.....I've lost sooo many friends to this sh**.
Miss Obscura
.... I like Deathibring... there's a reason why you picked that name.. stay with it. Good videos. Like this one
Mr Blonde
Prison on the real
Great vid,,, how about Truthibring or PrisonTruthiBring? Just some ideas bud :)
Orrie Rausch
Talk about how inmates are allowed video games and TVs in cells. Could be a great episode! Keep up the great work
Qasim Bob
Make a video on how to get drunk in prison
Robert Reaves
Prison is kinda like the military
Samuel Brock
Can you make a video about obtaining keys in the yard, or the process, things you might have to do? As for the youtube name, what about Jungle Talk.
Scott Padgett
Where the \
Sean Jacobson
This that and the 3rd! I’m in sales on Wall-street for a firm that rhymes with Pearl Hinch. I’ve used that line with numerous clients this week. No response other than..” I Understand!” Keep it up man. \nHad a friend dare me to watch your vids months ago and I’m hooked like my addict friend. Lol THIS THAT AND THE THIRD MUHAHA
Shane Miller
I feel ya on the white thing in prison. Those are true words. The blacks are at home in prison. We are in prison, not home.
Shelia Ellison
LifeAfterLockup woulda been cool heh ...just recently found you, looooove your channel
So Hazey
Soul Seeker
Life I Bring\nHope I Bring\nWisdom I Bring\nThings I’ve Seen\nThe Pod God \nShot Caller\nThe Prison Tattoist \nStories from Prison\nLockdown Redemption \n\nJust some ideas brother.
Spencer Wilks
@deathibring I feel a good name would be like prisontalks or like jailhouse tattoo for your name 😀
Stephanie Mathews
What about those white guys in Texas? My ol man, he was in 23 years, out 8 years, blue warranted in new charges. He's been in 6 months already. Its harder for him now because he's got me and two girls to worry about. 9/2020 is his set off date to go for parole again. Thank you for making it easier for me, because of your stories and advice. 10/13/2018. Subbed 8/5/19.
Sueme Pescalas
I love your name!! It's different very unique. Haters are always going to hate. Your channel gets two thumbs up five stars! I hope you have a great day
Sunder 85
Convict Connections
No Front 23 and 1 should be your name bro no joke your real about what’s going and like you said real recognize real peace to you and your family my brother.
TheyTracking EVERYTHING!
Trust NoOne
I know the PERFECT YouTube name for you brother!! .....\
Victor Torresdey
i go to bed listening to these videos nah what im sayin... keep em comin much love
Vince Phan
Bro.. I just wanted to go back watch an old video again.. Boy have you improved your camera skills.. Much more confident now.. But this video brings happy thoughts when you was just starting out.. Been here from the start bro.. You know that
collisdaallstar _
Make it lockdown 23and1
I know exactly about the dreams. I was wrongly charged with drug dealing when I was very young and facing a many years sentence - fortunately I got it together and beat the rap - massive pressure for a year waiting for trial but I just kind of flew over it. I guess I didn't totally deal with it as it was happening because I had dreams for many years over and over and over again reliving being arrested and in jail facing prison. It's called PTSD. It feels totally real and when you wake up it actually takes a few minutes to realize it's over and not happening now. There's nothing worse than losing your freedom. I've been through a lot of hardcore shit in my life but that was the only thing that gave me PTSD. It was like my brain just could not compute the reality of losing my free will and being under someone else's control and captivity. It took years till those nightmares stopped, then one day it was just gone.
dylan scronce
Prisons should be 100% segregated...for sure
eddy vera
Can u avoid getting in trouble in prison? Like can u get a job in there ? Is it true that u can take classes in their or learn a trade
Why is no one talking about how fine this man is??? No disrespect to the Mrs., but I do have eyes that work. Js.
HardKnockPrisonKnowledge\nLifeInThePen\nGhostSkull.Inc\nCodeOfConduct\nCodeOfConcrete\n\n\nYou may like one of these.
no name
I'm not certain if you've been up on this somewhere but personally, I'd never seen any of your video game stuff, and never will, not my thing man, \n I thought the name was great real! It says what the life and institutions are all about, deathibring says it all. I think anyone that knows would get that, you can see you're for real and humble, good work,
A good prison name for you would be J Murda (self explanatory)... J Wolf (We Only Love Family)... , J Walk (cross you n you gonna get it)
robert spicer
Im glad to hear you speakin some truth not caring about that race baiting bullshit. White boys do need to stick together or we will lose everything. It is that deep
stanley maestas
sage conviction as possible name for youtube
most lights are 277v, unless its the newer led stuff. \n\n277v kills more electricians worldwide than any other voltage.\n\ncareful.
tk rubey
There's no sense in subjecting yourself to a beatdown. You couldn't stop what was happening. The guards are paid to stop fights. The system isn't set up for an inmate to \
zack maslow
Iv only been In county in california not prison....on the streets out here what you said is least in dope game....alot of white guys who arent in street gangs who try to slang will get taken advantage of or robbed many white guys resort to joining mexican northern or southern street county I never faced adversity sticking with my own ca prison are whites not sticking together and weak like this guy makes it sound like on the east coast?