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the first verse makes me think of Creep Show, and that's awesome.
A.M Team
One of my favourites Offbeat, but I was wondering, will there be more Electro-Swing tracks in the next EP? I think that style suits you the most. Many thanks for the songs!
can u sub too me I will be so happy me and my brother love ur music
My absolute fav Song of both Albums! Love it \u003c3
i have been debating on telling a good friend I have a crush on her, but the thought has lead me to over think about it. should I not or just get over with it?
Ben Kussmann
I don't even know what to say man. This is funny, brilliant, and actually has a moral behind it - one that I wish I could have taught myself years ago. I have loved every song you have made. You're funny, and smart, and I honest to god don't know why you aren't more popular. Here are some thoughts of mine that might help, though.\nI first heard you through an electro-swing platform, via Just Clicked. Perhaps if you start working with youtubers and such, you might have more success. Because everyone I have shown this to has loved your work - they just haven't heard of you before. Everyone in the comments seems to love you too. Obviously a large fan base is good, but at least consider that even if it's small, you've a lot of extremely loyal fans. So use em if you can.\nI wanted to also mention the girl in this - the comments said her name was Nichola? I am overjoyed you would include her, with whatever relations between the two of you, in this. I love that you would do that. And I don't think she did a bad job either. To her though, I wanted to say that her entire thing is on one key. You don't go up or down, you just say three of the same keys. Using the letter 'A' as your starting note, (I am a little tired, so I know this isn't correct; but you can hopefully imagine what I'm saying), you could essentially use 'A' for If-a (extending have), and then make second '#A', extending the e on second, and then make go an bA, but extending the o and making the last part of the o a G. All of this being her second verse. If you don't understand music theory, that was a load of hogwash. But if you can tell me what key she sings, I could probably even remake the Nicholas part how I mean. If you ever want me to, just say!\nGood luck, Offbeat. I can't wait to hear more :)
Bob Franklin
great song. just amazing :)
Brendan Berg
How to Offbeat:\n1st: make swingy music\n2nd: put some electronic elements onto it\n3rd: make hip hop vocals for it\n4th: let a woman sing the electro swing part\n5th: profit!\n\nI like it
Brush Runner
Woah, my whole life i've felt perplexed by how bristol produces the best musicians! I got you guys to look forward to now on another underground genre i love! Great tune
Chris riding
We want more, we want more!!!! Favourite artist to date! I like electro swing but you have put a brand new twist on it, it's the first time I've listened to songs that I actually think the words are real and not fake, makes me laugh out loud and has true meaning to it, put that with the amazing beat and it's heaven! Never sell out and keeps these rhymes real! You are a talented guy and wish you nothing but the best. Enough chatting poo now! I'm gonna go and listen to this song again for the 10th time today!
Thanks for the new conversation starter.
Saw This Man In Bristol, Amazing, Gotta Have My Daily Offbeat!
This song would be perfect without that girl pretending to sing :-:
This song can be applied to so many aspects of life, not just dating and meeting people but it also can be applied to maintaining healthy friendships through communication.\nI linked a friend of mine to this song, and she said it actually cheered her up!\nThanks again for another great song!!! ^ ^
Drizz 201
i plan on using those words on the next pretty gal i see on the next cruise i go on in hopes of making an amazing girlfriend is that fine with you offbeat?
Elias Windfield
Really love this. Who sang the chorus?
Esco2point0 ,.
No shit you suit ElectroSwing. Keep it up your great at what your doing you deserve more subs lots of thanks :3
Great song. I really enjoy the original lyrics.
This stuff right here should have more views! You really deserve a bigger audience, keep it up man. I'm loving your music
Googlesucks Blackcocks
Ian Aventhaw
Your music style is unique and I really love it. Keep it up!
Issa Bot
This song hittin a little too close to home
Jacob Arnold
you are so underated man, why can you have more people watching?
Jessica JSK
Tfw your included in the song \u003c3!!
Joaquín Martínez Domene
Why The hell this video has not 100000000000000000 visits and likes? Its totally amazing.
Jonathan Babelotzky
The one dislike is from this one ugly guy, mentioned in this song, who couldn't reach anything positiv :D ^^
Keep it up,you are great.
awesome man. 600 views ? O.o damn that deserves way more. keep up the good work
Kosinnski Gaming
I like your music continue ;)
Kyle Webb
Just found your music. Very different from most music but I love it! Keep up with the great songs!
LOLApple Playz
Oh man, the first part of that was way too real.
Lewis Read
Spot on mate
Ah man this is perfect. So glad I found you! I will say that at first I had to sit back and go \
Magic By Rico
jet again another genius track keep it up, you desirve more vieuwers!
Marcin Kucaba
your voice is over 9000!!
Michelle Jensen
all those 0 dislikes you deserve them all ;)
Mr EdgeworthVII
Good lyrics, not one of your better choruses.
This is your best song. It motivated me to go on with the girl i like!!
MrGreenLion mgl
I hope you become a big music producer ^^ (love your music :P)
You are just amazing
Olaf der Braune
The song makes me sad D:
This is awesome! I fell in love with your stuff. :D
Plague Doctor
he's generating 6-8 dislikes in the span of a year
That was dope!
Rhiannon Anne O'Donnell
I can see izaya singing this.
Welp, the ending is just perfect. Nice music, keep it up.
You deserv way more recognition. This is amazing, i couldn't believ rap goes so well with elctro swing.\nkeep those amazing tracks coming !!
Advantages of being a 90's baby: taking the advise of actual 90's kids. I expect this song is going to be pretty helpful.
Hooray another amazing group I'll probably never get to see due to my location. Anyway love your songs keep up the amazing work!!
The Great Gell
Man you honestly deserve more subs. Your songs are catchy and are always problems that plagues everyone
The sawed off mosin
you are deserving of so much attention than you have
Touma Chan
Danm, this and 90's kid is so danm awesome!
Man you have such a unique voice, it makes your songs that much more interesting!
angel girl gamer
this is 100% me like omg dude your a genius at making videos, thank you! :)
Dude, your music is epic!!!!
Great song off beat!\nJust a humble suggestion however:\nMost of the verses at certain points seemed to have a bit of a monotone voice to them. It almost seemed like someone trying to \
Goddammit - why are musicians like you that hard to find (and underrated)?
tomáš hejkal
Wow.. Never heard anything like this! It's AWESOME ! :D What Genre is it?
Is it weird that I just listened to this on repeat... 10 times?
Instantly love it!!!, showing to my friends for sure
I feel like your lyrics are just too intelligently crafted to listen to them over and over again, which is both a good and a bad thing lol