The Carpet Crawlers Illustrated

Musical Comic for The Carpet Crawlers, track ten off Genesis' album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974).As his old memories die off, Rael finds himself in a long carpeted corridor. The scene comes into focus and Rael notices he is not alone, for on the ground are dozens of people crawling in search of some answer. They all seem enamored with a door at the end of the hall, behind which Rael finds even more crawlers, as well as a winding staircase. He takes the stairs upwards to an uncertain fate...This is part of a long term project to illustrate the entire album. New videos will be uploaded for free upon their completion, as I do this work strictly not for profit.All rights belong to Genesis/whoever owns it (which may restrict access to the video on certain devices, but should still be fine on a regular computer). The artwork is owned by me.

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Very impressive work.
Adriano Mondini
Ho la pelle d’oca... che menti, libertà di vita, idee avanti mezzo secolo... sono strafelice di portare la loro musica in ogni angolo dove la nostra vita ci conduce.
Alex Constable
Cinema Show?
Alexander Okhotnikov
Как всегда - круто!!! Спасибо.
Ambassador to the Netherworld
very well done but Im pretty sure this rather oblique song is not about some brooding, cloaked cultists so stoned that they are meandering around a carpet before a metal door on their hands and knees. my conclusion is that its about sperm racing to reach the other side of the cervix while many are trapped in the `walls`of the vagina and squirm about. Hence `you ve got to get in to get out` meaning that the sperm can only exit if it fertilizes the eggs and forms into a child. thus being born and `getting out.` just my rusty two cents though.
Andreu Rodenas
this is definitive my song forever, I listent to it thousand of times. Great Job!! thanks for this present
Anton Hohlfeld
I love that ending where real going to the spiral stair case
Aurelio F.RAMOS
Axel DuCanap
Waiting for the 32 Doors with hope ! ;) Niiiice Job btw
Blake Boros
is this song just about the haves and have-nots?
Bobby Willis
This song can be about so many things. Conception/birth, the government, god...
Bones in Space
I can not wait for \
C. Martin Barraza
Great job. Very enigmatic. The corridor and the rooms. I'm follwing you since cuckoo cocoon...very good, indeed. I'm very confused about the meaning of this song, but maybe that mistery gives ir that beautiful Atmosphere...For you, what are the carpet crawlers? Again, magnificent job
David Buick
Just discovered you'd started the Lamb yesterday, and find you've got this far just a few days ago. Kudos for what must be an exhausting project!
Dawn Meyer
Awesome! Was showing off your work to our artist friend Gene today.
Do you mind
Fabulous song, great album .. but how many people got the story ?
Don Lawler
I love the extensive imagery of the staircase that spirals out of sight.... leading into the next song with \
Dustin Mitchell
No other musical piece has EVER had an effect on me such as this one has. I discovered it yesterday, and I am still getting teary eyed listening to it.
Elardenberg Sousa
My favorite song of this wonderful album
Eleanor Morrison
I’ve been looking forward to this, thank you very much. Beautiful\u003c3
Elwood Blues
I think that Gabriel is telling us some of his wacky dreams he wrote at night in sweat.
Emily Pound
Beautiful. :)
Fabian Alex Bragion
Fabio Melloni
Excelente!!! Muy bueno!!!
Frozen Lover
Nathaniel - Thank you for another masterpiece of what you describe as a \
Gab Rivera
You are a Master, I love this song since always. Thanks for your art.
Geger Astina
Genesis is the best group. Song is beautiful.
Gerard Planas
Epic nathaniel, i have no words. Man keep it up!
Good music!
Greta Van Fleet Russia
OH GOD YES!!!!! THANK YOU! \nJust one more and the whole 1 side will be done!
Brilliant as always
Indra WB
Wow, that's great!
Irwan Rachman
This is so Great.. you are so talented.\nThank you
Jack Taylor
Aw sheeeez I’ve been waiting for this!
Jade Shannon
lovely song
Jarllys Dean
The Battle of Epping Forest, please. I love your work
Javier Masegosa
Congratulations again for your work to illustrate all of the tracks from The Lamb dies down....... Carpet Crawlers is one of the most well-known and beautiful of the long play, and its lyrics are very symbolic subrealistic, so it could have many interpretations. For that reason it has been a good idea that the images are true to the letter. The end is very well thought out.
Jerónimo Rodríguez
Nice job!\nThis should arrive to Peter Gabriel's eyes...
Joe Schmoe
The band thought Counting Out Time would be the single, but this song ended up being the Lamb single.\nA naughty reference to gametes making their way to 'the chamber' as a metaphor for Rael's self-discovery/rebirth.
JoeBe Lit
The most beautiful song ever made
Juan Contreras
The musical box i know you want it
Kai Fox
I thought this was a reference to that game Charlie and Frank played on it’s always sunny. I like genesis too.
La Gatta Impicciona
I was waiting so much for this ❤
Leonard Vaivada
That's really cool. One of my all time favorite songs.
Lia A. Eastwood
Wow... I love it how you free yourself and your art from music bit to music bit. The lines and figures start to evolve nd develop their own lives like all the symbols on the wall (yay! A cat! ;) and the blurry figures on the celluloid bit – a lot of extra things to see and observe... very intense. Thank you.
Lodovico Photo Art
Wow\nYou finished quickly!\nI love to see your interpretation of the songs. Because here I can not talk about this with anyone ...\n\nI'm really looking forward to seeing The Lamia!\nThank you and Congratulations! \n\nHere is Mariana L. from Brazil.
Lucas Costa
that grateful dead's stealie on the wall though
Marco Pádua
Unfortunately my son Rael lost the \
Marco Santini
Genesis will remain a unique experience
Mariano Andrade
man, your work is EPIC
Marillion - The Fish Era
Michael Little
That was intense. The sound, lyrics and feel that Genesis was able to infuse in this song is extraordinary. Hearing such music overlaid with your visual interpretation is quite a trip. Thank you.
Mike Jones
When Genesis were good .... nice work
Looking forward to reaching the top of the stairs!
You should do the Battle of Epping Forest! It's right outside your door! ;)
Wonderful, can't wait to see all The Lamb album
Nathaniel Barlam
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Nerf Guy on the Bench
Carpet Crawlers! Finally! I remember when I asked for this when you had just done Supper's Ready! Now I need to overlap this with the Phil Collins live version, with your permission!
Orson G
Reminds me of a strange and attractive woman in the 2000s :-) It was our song in the later hours of parties.\nGreat work! Love style and song!
Patrick Snavely
I love your work... Lifelong Genesis fan here
Pete Hollow
Good job Nathaniel, I was waiting for the \
Peter Broadey
Think English school boy in old mansion type school with red ocre tiles on the floor.
When I see your work, I can imagine a film maybe like \
Ray Watson
:54 lyrics error ..\
Rob Cosentino
Roberto Aranguren López
Muy buena adaptación¡¡
Rockin Atheist
I'm amazed that Genesis survived the loss of Peter Gabriel but they did. They produced three great albums with Phil Collins at the helm followed by a few reasonably good albums. But then they lost it. From Genesis to Revelation, or Armageddon. Thank you for the journey.
Rodrigo Excoffon
Great job man, all your génesis ilustrations were pretty good! Please illustrate the musical box, Harold the barrel or the return of the giant hogweed
Sergio Albuquerque
Wonderful video, thanks a lot 😎😎
Siria Flo y Diana
Stupenda 😆
Strega Hex
You forgot the Spaghetti Monster. Nah just kiddin'. I love the symbology & storyboard of this one. The ending is so Epic. Your work is Amazing Nathaniel. 💖
So I first came across this artist’s sublime work illustrating Genesis’ music on his Super’s Ready video. But I figured it was just a single work using Genesis, but then I subscribed and found The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, et al. This will be the first Pateron I have actually supported. Your work has brought me joy, what’s that worth? Priceless..
marvellous :D
Bro thank you for your videos. You keep music like this alive. Great job! Art made through Youtube
The Drummer ROOM
Love the reference to Grateful Dead on THE Hallway!!!! Nice !!!
ThisIs ReadyMade
This is awesome! Can’t wait for “The Chamber Of 32 Doors”\n\nAlso, love the Grateful Dead logo hidden in the Hall.
Respect man and thanks.
When music was spiritual. Thank you.
a. barker
Wonderful song, the illistrations help with the closed captioning. Glad to see it was not all those bongs in my friends basement 38 years ago to prove I still have no idea what it all means.
david levinson
francisco madrid
Sentimiento en estado puro, sublime canción de Peter Gabriel
fred panda27
well done , mate!!!
Liked this a lot. Great piece and lyrics
manovalVR Jack
Great and amazing Nathaniel, please don't stop your post (work)!\nYou \
michtimi Bof
carpet crawler since the 70s, Peter is the man ….
Awesome ! It's one of my favorite songs too. \n\n(I hope you're getting my donations: I'm Maurizio on Patreon )
ofek zelig
Are the fleas which cling to the golden fleece not the carpet crawlers approaching the door, though?
princess of the footjob's kingdom
What's Gabriel opinion of your work!?🤔
I was always of the theory that this song was a visual metaphor for the struggle to existence via human reproduction:\n\nEach crawler represents a sperm cell that is awaiting release into the world in hopes to realize their destiny (later, those who make it out are now scurrying about in the next song, \
Oh, boy. This has the potential to be transcendential.\n\u003epushes play\nIt all builds up to when Rael begins ascending the staircase. I just want to shout out, \
Colony of Slippermen is going to be crazy
Merci merci merci!!!!!
At the height of peter's dance with LSD.