The Carpet Crawlers - Seconds Out 1977 - Genesis (2009 Remastered)

In my opinion, the version by Phil Collins is the most sweet and warm. What is your opinion?DISCLAIMER:"These videos were made for promotional purposes. I DO NOT own the rights to any of the songs, pictures or videos used in the footage. All credit and rights are reserved to their respective owners and talented artists. If you do not wish your work to be exposed, send me a private message and I will remove it immediately. But please consider the effort I put in compiling all videos."

Anche il mio album preferito è Selling England by the Pound, ma questo live è stato pazzesco. Stiamo parlando del 1977 e di un gruppo appena rimasto orfano di uno dei più grandi frontman della musica rock progressiva degli anni '70.\nFantatici.
Great version only thing missing is Peter Gabriel
i prefer peter singing this
Alain Jean
Great after a departure of Peter Gabriel. Sublime chanson sans Peter Gabriel.
Amy McCann
The Best One : thx!
Andreas Flicker
Zurück zu den Wurzeln, Namastè.
Andrew Lesk
Thanks for posting this. This version was the first song I had ever heard by Genesis, in 1977, though I had heard of the band. A friend of mine sat me down and played this and I was taken. You are right, Ic Asc, it is by far better than the studio cut. (When I heard the studio cut I was mortified -- it sounds stiff, especially the refrain of the words ''The carpet crawlers....\
Annapaula L. H.
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ... ♥
Antonio Dias
Excellent!!!! But the studio song is excellent too!! I don't know which one is better!!! Masterpiece!!!
Bartosz Sokolowski
I love this song, excellent, thanks!
Peter sings better..
Bratze Super
Absolutely my opinion. Best version. But Ray Wilson also brings the song perfectly. Greetings. Tides of Life
C4RL0S P4R0D1 bs as
lejos, la mejor version.
Carlos Lopez
This version is more popular, Peter version more artistic and mystical.
Cristo la Gibson in sottofondo mi fa venire ancora la pelle d'oca ...
Christian Lavan
Absolut GEIL
Christopher Thery
I think both phil and peter are excellent singers but phil puts me in a trance every time I listen to this song its angelic thanks phil.\n\n\n\n\n
Clemy Esposito
sempre ineffabilmente meravigliosa
Colourful 999 Real
Great Genesis...............
Cori Scisorek
*sigh*  Thank you for posting this.  This is the very first Genesis I ever heard, THIS recording, played on NYC FM radio.
Cynthia Roberts
The very best version of this song
Daniele Damiani
Pura poesia
Dany Prog
Da tanti anni adoro questa musica, colonna sonora della mia vita. Genesis for ever...\nThe soundtrack of my life.
Dave Manno
What did it all mean? I have been listening to this song for thirty years, acid, cocaine, weed, there always seemed to be an underlying message to this song. What it is, I still have no clue. Saw them in 83, one of the best tours ever!
Eder Luiz
Até agora, não conheci uma banda assim.
Eric Moscherosch
Thank's for this remastering, my 10 month old son love it !
I always like Phil Collins..and yes it's warmer and his voice is always spot on :) , but personally I love Peter Gabriel in their older performances best. Unfortunately, my favourite live performance of Carpet Crawlers, with him, was removed from YouTube some time ago :( 
Francisco Santos
the best live version ever !!!
Frieda225 L.
Klasse... In dieser Aufnahme mit Phil Collins.. Genesis, ob mit oder ohne Peter Gabriel, sind einfach unvergesslich.. :-)
Gerald Koch
Grateful Evolution
Gomez Cisneros
Es un rololonon sin palabras
Gonzalo Roldan
anyone's noticed hackets magic solo behind all the beauty in front?
Hochet Bernard
No compare! Version of Peter is good, version of Phil is good...
Ic Asc
 +Jorge Raúl Bortolamedi ésto que has escrito es extraordinario... 
Javier Olondriz Moragas
Jeff Smart
Simply Beautiful--thank you Ic
For personal reasons...I like Phil's version better. :) This takes me back to July of 1981.....
José Augusto dos Santos
Juliana Mendes
I prefer the Gabriel's version thousands of times. In my opinion, the surrealistic lyrics match so much more Gabriel's dry/acid voice :)
Julio Cesar López
Totally agree... Ic Asc
Leonardo Pinto
Luca Carolillo
Lucia Delia
Phil made Carpet Crawlers HIS the very first time he sang it live. I have no idea what this song means, yet I love it. Does anyone know what this song really means?
Luis Arceo
i heard this version before that the lamb lies down's peter. i think the best version always its this one of collins on vocals and seconds out one, the one of 2007 last tour genesis was not as good as this one. i agree this was like a chaint of an angel on a very well syncronized drums, bass and a little sweet sound behind of the lead guitar.
I love this version of the song. Phil's voice is so warm that makes me feel peaceful
one of the most difficult songs to sing well
Manuel Reyes
Muchísimos gratos recuerdos con uno de los mejores albums en vivo,. Gracias mil.
Marco Bosio
Indimenticabili Genesis... bellissimi momenti....
I'm an inconditionnal of Phil Collins. I LOVE Gabriel but Phil is just magic.
Mary Hill
one of the most beautiful songs ever.... but only this version. Strangely, I never liked Gabriel's version, though I loved Gabriel
Massimo Gentili
Seconds Out miglior live di sempre!!!!!!! Emozione senza fine.............
Michael Maagaard
Good melody and beauty
Mikel Urrutia
Collins es un manantial de dulzura y sutileza
Mitchell Edwards
Guy Garvey brought me here today
Mohamed Mhamdi
The best one
Beautiful Song, thanks for posting!
Nicola Bevilacqua
Si sente la mancanza di Peter.
Thanks for the upload. You could edit the title to correct it, from 'Second Out' to 'Seconds Out'..
Patmos 51
Excellent !
Philippe Mouillevoix
I was 13 and it was my first concert. I was there ! Yep !
Roberto Vecchi
La mia giovinezza!!! per sempre grandi GENESIS 👍👍👏👏
Rodrigo Bissoni Oliveira
Maravilhosa canção pra começar o dia. Esse despertar me faz muito bem. Genesis forever!
Rodrigo Carvalho
Fantastico il lavoro \
Samantha Beal
yes, a very warm and loving work of art
Samuel Harvey
quite a shame that hackett's guitar is pushed off, into the back in the mix. ohh Phil Collins i get it...
Simone Tanzi
been looking for this version for a long ass time...
Slender Man
Die beste Version von C.C.
Sofie Ewing
hmmmm,this version is ...magickal-lovely.........
Sola Roberto
Terry Sexon
this is by far the best track from the lamb  haunting lyrics , but you cannot help but reflect on PG voice , when this first came out it was the a musical journey never to be repeated , a true classic !!
Thomas Pommerenk
Heard it 1976 the first time as a young boy with 10years. And now i'm 52years.......Love the song from the first time!
Tommy Mazzei
la melodia più bella da quando è nata la musica
Víctor Hugo Ulloa Gil
GENIAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   la mejor version !!!!!!!!!!
Exellent sound, magic track...thanks for upload.
Wandering Sole Images
Love it!  Such a great live album...
Yves Barbiot
Oh Yeah the Phil Collins version is the most sweet and warm !!!!!!!! Sublime song !!!!!!!!
andrea anido solo arte¡¡¡¡¡
Amazing...THE best version bar none ! ! !
Aprendi a gostar do genesis a partir desta linda canção interpretada pelo Phil, simplesmente magnifica, tenho este álbum duplo em LP e também em cd, é um dos shows  ao vivo mais espetaculares que já vi.
cesar enrique
2019 y no dejo de disfrutar de esta hermosa obra de arte del siglo pasado. Peter y Phill junto a una banda incomparablemente buena... Genesis.
chuck the fish driver
Not many fans of Peter Gabriel could match the magnitude of my admiration for him. But this version of this song transcends that admiration. It hits too many notes of surety in bringing a listener where the song was meant to bring them. 
dannydirt dirt
Can listen to this track over and over again love it
davide manzoni
ti entra dentro, chiudo gli occhi e mi lascio trasportare..
Who's the guy that's standing next to Phil and behind Mike in the picture at 4:48?
iona murland
Possibly my favourite song ever! A masterpiece.
I like this version ( with Phil Collins) and i agree about your opinion but i think that Peter Gabriel put more passion in the song. Both versions are beautiful.
luciana volpato
Grande gruppo magnifico Phil Collins anno strepitoso😘😘
luis depablos
mauro sbara
Uno dei brani più ipnotici, suggestivi e commoventi dei Genesis, in questa versione è da brividi. Carpet Crawlers è capace di commuovermi ogni volta che la ascolto...
remi solo
בღ•°\n˜”*°• ღ\n\
roberto marinaccio
rodolfo von sydow
there´s no question that Peter Gabriel´s voice in this song is astonishing. However, Phil takes good care of the job, this song is unbelieably beautifull
this song make me goosebumps! I love genesis! I love every single piece of them but i love more Phil Collins that avoided that band quit after steve hackett left and brought us infinite magic during these 40 years :*
Phil made this song his own, Perfect.
this brings back memories of the 70's!-good to hear again..