Naruto Shippuden episode 372 English Dub full HD

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Naruto Shippuden episode 372...

- Mighty-Robo -
Wheres lord 5th lol
Aditya Rajput
Best Episode
Aisha Sultana
When I saw the views, I gave such a pure,evil,proud,happy and toothless grin...idk why..
Ally Luna
I love it how naruto is bragging about how hood his dad is to kurama
Annabanana 666
'Dad, who's dad?' realllllllyyyyyyy Sakura?!
Annabelle Buban
Roses are red violets are blue become my girlfriend or I\n\n\n\n\nCHIDORI YOU!!!
Arwin Mate
All hail tobirama
Ash Ketchem
U guys think lord 1st and 2nd look at naruto amd sasuke and think.. fudge these kids r op
I love that part when Minato and everyone arrives at the battlefield. I just love that part.
Conlan Campbell
7:30 and 9:20 kakashi powerful speech
Dangie Obosa
kagebushin teknik,,,,,,
Do it with me
It is the best episode ever 😍, Thank you😊
Dusty Mew
I don't think a dog can become hokage
Ella Nurlaela
Obito uchiha vs Kakashi hatake
anyone know whats the final episode ? ep500? or
FROZE Gaming
Is sasuke joking he wanted to become a hokage haha😂😂
GachaGamer123 Lol
Some character r sometimes serious but always funny and silly
Gaming with_ Pugs
2\n 0 \n 1 \n 8\n ?
Thank you.. full screen and good quality! Salute to you my friend!!
Iliesa Cebaivalu
I like it when harshirama was serious in 19:08
Izzard Blizzard
22:00 ... wait. \
Jamie Legacy
who else smiles like an ass when sauske arived on the battle 😂😭👀👏🏽🔥
Jetgamin YT
*When communism hits anime and naruto*
Jianne Bagaporo
everyone's reaction when Sasuke said I'll be hokage :D
Madara : I ve been Waiting For you.\nHashirama : ill deal with you later. \n*music plays*\nHello darkness my old friend..
King Leo
2:26 where's your tooth
LDCGaming 0_0
I watch naruto and naruto Shippuden in 3 timessss
Leilani So'oula
man madaras face wen hashirama said i will deal with u later lol
Livina Livina
I think the monster should name ten hand than ten tail
Best episode of all time by far
that cowboy music when sasuke apears haha
MaxAnime Master naruto nine tails mode
You think a just some weak woman
Me Dying
Man even the dog got surprised by sasuke's joke... Aw akamaru
Naruto: Lets show them what were made of ya know!\nMe: Your made of legendary delicious hot ramen with kushima's flesh on it ya know.
N!ne Tails
Ae rukja Meri Sasuke ..!!!!
NGU Warrior
Holy shit 16M views naruto goat anime
NaruHina MayWard
Sasuke: I....Will become Hokage\nKiba: ahhhhh,,,long time no see rogue-ninja😠\nMe:😂😂😂 I like Kiba's reaction👏👏👏
Nigger Faggot
Sakura- you think I'm some weak women\nEveryone- yes\nSakura- you think I can't keep up with you two\nEveryone- yes
Nix Nitrox
I will deal with you later (hello darkness my old friend~~)
Purple Pig Gamer
“I’m going to be the one who *be* hokage” You does England nicely.
Ramamoorthi Padmapriya
Middle of the battle:\n\nLord forth:Are you Naruto Girlfriend?\n\nSeriously in the middle of the war?!!!
Raul Bob
This english.. the original is soooooo much better
Yeah we're all..\nSTUPIDS \nSTUPIDS \nSTUPIDS\n4:31 btw xd
Rin Ivy
is shikamaru trump? #all about walls!
Roblox Gamer
Madara’s voice is creeping me out in this english dub
Samar Sheikh
Sasuke= I will become hokage.\nSakura **I should come with a better joke**\nSakura= You think I am weak?
Samiul islam
How come naruto didn’t become known for the forth horkages son after all the 3rd hokage knew
Sandhosh Daniel
Team 7 were all teached by the legendry sanin
Sangyok Rai Ppp
If there will be a fight between all dragon ball super,borito,all 1 peace naruto alone who will win show in english
Sasuke Uchiha
18:25 😂😂😂 Kiba
Sava Savić
Sakura:,,You think I'm some weak woman.\
Selfie Boy
Ino uses byakugan while closed eyes 6:26
Y does hashiramas voice sound like a commercial voice over
Shane Munro
Anyone else thought?... why didn't Sai record everything that happened during the war with his art so the next generation could see it during a history class on how the five nations joined to form an alliance between all
Solesha Joseph
Shouldn't It Be Called 10 Hands/Arms?😂
Comrades? Comrades? Are we soviet?
Steven Palomares
12:57 lol that face xddd
Super Saipan Dende
I didn’t hear a single “BELIEVE IT” are you sure this is Naruto?
TECH plays
Taeb Lalee
Sasuke : I'm going to be Hokage \nNaruto : Sasuke have a snicker\nSasuke : Why?\nNaruto : Because Your not feeling Yourself when you're Hungry\nNaruto : Better?\nSasuke : I will Destroy the Leaf
Tsering Dhundup
I like 1st hokage
Tuala Rhys
It’s not even in its...its....FINAL FORM!
YouTube tip: make a badass Naruto video.
Wennie Sartorius
10 million views🤤😱
Sakura: u think I am a weak woman?\nEveryone: Sure u are. And useless also.
When 13 million people (and counting) managed to sit through english dub for an anime episode, you know it's an epic episode. :')
Zack PH
anonim mus
Sasuke scene : tetetetew tewwwww
basic gaming13
watching this gives me goosebumps. i miss naruto.
blood bone
Super vidéo
brown pewdiepie
madara : its about damn time , i have been waiting for you hashirama \nhashirama : i will deal with you later \nmadara : we are never on the same page \nme : but xavier woods and brad maddox was on the same paige lol 😂😂 like of you get it
canal gamer
Alguém br em 2018?
Sakura is the only one who didn't have or has sharingan kakashi sasuke and naruto naruto because itachi gave him shisue eye for a little wighl
hi arjun
I hate how Kiba acts so cool even though he only knows one jutsu and is most likely weaker than even Hinata. I mean, he is never. Going to be. Hokage
iron man
When ten tail attack , naruto feel no stress because he knew his dad is coming.
itapll -MC
Madara got rejected so hard by hashirama
jeon jungkookie1916
14:07 since when did minato smokes? 😂😑
jh animation stick nodes
Naruto shippuden episode 431 to 434 English Dub is release
jigabiga stuff
Maxanimelover is gone in this channel
lazy genius
Im gonna die with excitement!!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡
Sakura means Suckura
migs z
The cringe is real in dub
min suga Genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong
Sasuke : I want to become hokage \nMe: I respect all their reaction since I have the same
nikhil joshi
naruto: Now way, you got here right on time dad\nsakura: Whose dad?\n*slow claps*
vaka pradeep
I will be much more happier if sakura dies instead of neji........ She doesn't even know Minato,what she knows is screaming \
holy shit, im so dumb. I only now realized that team 7 were trained by legendary sanin
zo animae
18 million cz its the best episode
אליהו לוי
did anyone else notice the one eye sharingan the other rinnegan in 13:23\ni am talking about madara
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رجاء الحلقه كامله بس مترجمه
محمد/Mohammed _hd
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