The Carpet Crawlers - Genesis / Peter Gabriel - Ray Wilson live @ Bad Homburg Germany

"... Thank you!" - Scottish singer Ray Wilson, former member of Genesis (1996 until 1998) and Stiltskin (1994 until 1996), and his band perform the classic Genesis song "The Carpet Crawlers" on their "Genesis Classic Quartet" tour live at Bad Homburger Sommer, Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad, Bad Homburg, Germany on July 13, 2012.Wilson thanks his old friend Hilde who threw a rose on the stage and dedicates this song by special request to Thomas and Heike. Thomas asked Heike whether she would marry him. Public wedding / matrimony announcement! "Carpet Crawlers" is a song off Genesis' 1974 concept album "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway", written by Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford. Produced by John Burns and Genesis the song turned out to be one of Genesis Mk. I most popular tunes and subsequently covered a.o. by Matis, John Ford (ex-Strawbs), Fragile, Human Drama, Leon Alvarado. Personnel:Ray Wilson - lead vocals, acoustic guitarSteve Wilson - acoustic twelve string guitar / acoustic lead guitar, backing vocalsDarek Tarczewski - pianoAlicia Chrzaszcz - violin (ex-2be Violin Duo, Perfect Girls 'n' Friends Orchestra)Basia Szelagiewicz - violin (ex-2be Violin Duo, Perfect Girls 'n' Friends Orchestra)extra tags: Prog Proggy Progressive symphonic Rock Supertramp Roger Hodgson Rick Davis Congo Nir Zidkyahu Nick D'Virgilio Anthony Drennan Steve Hackett Anthony Phillips Polen Poland Polska Polish PL Warsaw Warschau sexy legs girls women short miniskirt tightfit leggings Strumpfhosen twins Zwillinge 1994 Levi's 501 commercial music Fish Marillion Folkrock Folksong King Crimson BJH Barclay James Harvest Van Der Graaf Generator Peter Hammill VDDG PFM Banco Focus Jan Akkermann Yes Jon Andersen Asia Styx video

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Fair play!
Ale Gría
Love this song! love the way he performs it
Armando Azza
Excelente musica rock clasico por siempre Genesis\ufeff
Arnold Evertsen
Just great!
B Wigley
Really wonderful.
Ray is the best singer, Genesis ever had
Carlo Di Cintio
Excellent...Ray Wilson!!!
Carlos Alverto
Nice performance. I love Genesis, especially the Peter Gabriel years and I think Ray did a great singing here.
Carlos Balestretti
Great Great version. Congratulations!
Carol Mcauliffee
magic beaufull music
Christian Schonberger
Very good. But the original hat Peter Gebriel and Phil Collins together on lead, with Collind providing that beautiful hi hat drum pattern, Steve Hackett's singing guitar and Tony's hand-over-hand accompaniment (which is not faithfully played here, the pianist didn't do his hjomework, but so crucial to establish the atmosphere). Ray is great, but his voice is hoarse and husky, so not Genesis (he even imitates - a lot - some high falsetto vocals and phrasing \
Christopher Thery
great singer great performance would love to see him live in new Jersey!
Christopher cromwell
I love scotch. Drinking vodka now and loving this performance. Thank you Detroit 1967. I am 1962. Long Island.
Claudia Riseborough
Oh Peter, you are amazing and so cuddly. I love this song and have you ever heard of a book that is being made into a movie called Weaveworld by Clive Barker? Well, this song would be so prefect for it. You should check out the book, read it if you get time it is amazing and we can go from their. Love you, keep on smiling and so enjoy your songs and words. Love from Claudia in Canada. xoxoxoxoxoo
Dead Zone
A great singer, a good man, and think let down in the end by the Genesis staff,,,?
Eliane Chaves
Elwood P Dowd
GeraldDavid Jones
wowwwwwwwwwwwww..a really good voice...almost reached the original..
Guilherme Lopes
The piano is amazing! Beautiful!\nGreat voice too!\nCongrats from Brazil!
Hans Wurscht
the genesis with peter gabriel forever
Ingo Keck
SORRY!!! Aber nichts geht über Gabriel!
JOhn WHiteClouD
wow ....
Jan Hein
Ray doesn't do such a bad job! Blessed be
Janine Schultz
City am Fenster
Jason Barbush
i thank God for what i don't have no strings attached
Jeff Cole
Simply magnificent!
Jeff Lucht
HE CAN'T SING THE Genesis STUFF!  Calling all Stations was good but as soon he started to singing Phils and Peters stuff \u003e  IT FALLS SOOOoooo FLAT! The only thing Banks and Rutherford did wrong was they needed to change the name from Gennesis to Gennesis  new beginnings and do 2 albums before going on tour as Gennesis new beginnings WITH HIS OWN STUFF! That would of safe his ass!
Jimmy Lee Van De Putte
Fantastic job!!!!!!
Jonny Khatru
wow his voice has improved!
Jose Encina
canta bien dross :v
Kim Jones
Laura Mounier
Ray Wilson looks like he should be a character in Game of Thrones. Anyway, Listen to him with Steve Hackett, Genesis Revisited. If you can get the 2015 concert in the UK. Stupendous!
this guy is great!!!
Luis Carlos Franco De Moraes
Magnífica apresentação
Malcolm Mcwhirter
love this guys amazing vocals shame he is not Steve Hackett's vocalist
Marcio Lopes
Ouvi ontem. Musica delirio puro. Ha muito tempo nao escutava essa...depois de ontem ja curti umas 10 vezes rsrs...pena hj nao termos mais musicas assim...
Marek Ozimiński
It's a wonderful thing to play and sing the music you love. I love this Genesis/Peter Gabriel stuff, too but for Ray Wilson it must be a little strange. He sings the songs of the the band he's been in, Problem was he didn't exactly fit the band, and after one mediocre album he was asked to leave. He still loves their music and he sings it very well. I guess I wouldn't be able to take it. Bravo, Ray.
Mauro Cuttano
144OOO Raeliani Alleluya...
Michael Heron
what an absolute gorgeous version, now wonder Steve Hackett grabbed him.
Michael McManus
Saw ray with Genesis and solo, very very good and a gentleman too, met him before and after the solo gig
Michele Di Napoli
one voice for genesis peter gabriel
Mike Peterwas
I think people didn't give him a chance but to to be fair he did a good job but I think Collins on seconds out was better then Peter. Collins just brought more to the songs they flow better take Super's ready / afterglow /or say in the cage it just flows better I think he's a better singer then Peter is . But Peter brought something also to the songs they were more raw it's a coin toss for me . I would love to see all of them one day do the Lamb but I'm sure at this point it will never happen just my opinion
Mirianzinha So sad
O ❤️lindíssimo ❤️monstro❤️ Superou o criador... Nada a falar... Extremamente lindo! Parabéns pela performance... ❤️❤️❤️🎶WONDERFULL !🎶🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Moacir Silva
SUPERP performance!\nGREAT ! WONDERFULL !!\nThanks Ray!
Omar Vidal
muchas gracias Ray Wilson , si eres un gran fan de tan maravillosa banda en sus epocas de oro
Patrick Grant
I think Ray does a much better job with this song than Phil Collins. Phil Collins wouldn't even sing the opening verse (fleas cling to the golden fleece, etc....), because it was so far out of his range. Phil was great on the high harmonies, but can't go into those lower octaves like Peter or Ray can. I wish Steve Hackett and Ray Wilson would do a tour together, that would be epic.
Patrick Snavely
poor ray was put in a horrible spot. he does a decent job even though i didnt acknowledge calling all stations as genesis canon... lol
Phil collins Martelli
Genesis marco o mundo do rock
Prath Gyula
Prinet Michel
I love !!
Raphael Web
Genesis tried to get back to their \
Ricardo Alvarado
What Genesis have we now? None. This guy did a pretty good job. It's just he's got a humble personality, not too outgoing. But the live video with Genesis is pretty cool. Genesis with Wilson is better than no Genesis at all.
Rob Davidson
he should form a Genesis act and band look
Rogelio Ribas
The title is misleading. I thought I would find Peter Gabriel singing with Ray.
hahaha on dumb ole me!! I thought that was a pic of Ozzie and someone had made a mistake or was just goofin off. Til I tapped the pic and was so pleasantly surprised and shocked at hearing this wonderfully talented man singing Carpet crawlers and now Ripples. A friend turned me onto Foxtrot and Trick of the tail in78 when i was a kid. The lp.s that followed by Genesis n Phil Collins in the80s I enjoyed. But I only knew those 2 vintage albums my friend played 4 me. I had heard Lamb lies down at sum point in my life n totally loved it. I just don't know the history of Genesis but now it's time for me to learn. OMG Im thinking this guy is better than Phil and Peter. On my way to google to study. 👣💫💋✌
Sabine Kube
you can trust me:Kaiser Wilhelm Bad(you can read upon stage~at the end of video)_must be inGermany..haha
Sally Ewing
Scott D
When Ray became the voice of Genesis back in 96, he wasn't hired to replace the soul of Peter or Phil on vocals, those are awfully big shoes to replace. No, he was simply brought in to carry on the sound,spirit of Genesis, which in my opinion based on this version of \
Serge Kronz
Amazing, asking for this song while asking his girl in mariage, great performance, great idea and support from Ray, excellent!
Sherry Fanelli
Brings me to tears every time ...
Simona Amerighi
Emozionante... !
Sofie Ewing
he does well..
Stefani Brom
Love it
Perfect, like Peter did. Thank you!!
good job. Well done.
Thomthom Geigenschrey
I agree..Must be frustrating to have been a member of Genesis in the worst years of the band.. Ray may be a nice guy but he doesnt match the deepness of either Gabriel or Collins.. And nor does the new Hackett singer Nad..All flat and too ambitious but at the end too bloodless and artificial..
Torio Ganipo
very nice interpretation ...let's rock!!
A cover version of an epic song giving me goosebumps is a rare thing.\nThose guys did it. Excellent live performance. Thanks for sharing.
Valerie Ann
Where was Peter Gabriel??????
Werner Pszoniak
Honest man.
Wow! Very impressive. At last, someone who get's Peter Gabriel's energy and sentiment. Bravo!!!
bill davies
great performance, only Gabriel tops this!!!
celso Franca
TOnight, sad news from Paris, this is dedicated to those who died at Bataclan Cafe
I love Ray Wilson,super huge shoes to fill and the guy gave it his best,hes also very respectful of the Genesis legacy.
this is simply amazing. wish there was a studio version of this
fandru 55
Ray wilson is a great singer, with a beautiful soul voice. On the Calling all stations tour, he did a really great job and his rendering of oldies, like Dancing with the moonlit knight was so moving. But on this one, he just demonstrates one thing,\n Peter Gabriel is just unbeatable.
Saw him many years ago at a Genesis convention in Crewe. Absolute class. What a superb weekend that was.
Excellent voice. Better than Phil Collins. Only Gabriel could match this.
lazz zlo
Well yes, that was pretty good.
lize fredheim
Beautiful, just amazing, please come to Stavanger Norway asap........\u003c3
luciano CG
mark boccaccio
Your meandering intro is longer than the song. Why is that?
I remember a young man a long time ago with black hair and blue eyes I met in a house near the ocean, I wonder what happened to him. (chuckles) :)
pedro noguez
Congratulations! That's wonderful
peter boeltau
Ray,ein großartiger Performer mit einer außergewöhnlichen Stimme! Großartig
Ok, nice try, not Genesis, but ok
roy ashman
Thought he got a lot of negative press during Calling All Stations, not a easy gig following Gabriel and Collins , anyone would struggle, but his voice is still good....
superbick superBick
well done man....thanks
je capote vraiment bon !!!